8 surprising problems that will make your relationship stronger

If things are easy on a relationship, that is perfect, but some specific hardships will even make a relationship stronger. When a couple experiences hardships, those people involved will be able to tell if it is worth sticking it out. Forgiveness, one of the big factors of relationship, along with kindness, patience, and understanding, play a huge role in maintaining a strong relationship. This might seem cliché, and you may have heard this type of relationship tips thousands of times before, yet there is a truth to it. You might be not be able to take control of who you will fall in love with, but you could certainly control how you will love this individual in times of trouble and sadness.

What Are The Relationship Problems That Make Your Relationship Stronger And Better?

If you want to know if he or she is the right one for you, maybe your couple needs to go through troubles, which serve as a wakeup call. This list made by Wikiyeah.com will show you 8 problems that will make your relationship stronger and better. Some information in this entry is referred from Huffington Post.

Problems that will make your relationship stronger

1. Financial Problems

This is the first and foremost when it comes to relationship problems that make your relationship stronger. Dealing with financial or money problems is a definite way to gauge how firm and strong your relationship is. A lot of people run for the hills when their partner is coped with financial damage. Nevertheless, if you and your significant other could stick together and deal with the financial burden as a team, it will make your bond stronger and better than ever.

2. Infidelity

Infidelity is not a problem to be played with. In relationships, breaking trust is an issue that many people are not going to tolerate. It is shown that cheating plays a big role in divorce. It is considered as the 3rd most common reason cited in many relationship surveys, with about 55% of respondents reporting that infidelity caused their breakup.

If you could forgive your loved one for betrayal, it is no denial that you two will work much harder to fix problems. In turn, this will help your relationship become a better one.

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3. Unemployment / Job Loss

One of the problems that will make your relationship stronger is job loss. When a partner was unemployed, it feels like the whole world is crumbling down on them. The single income of a partner will not be enough to maintain the current lifestyle, and they have to make a lot of hard choices… one of which can be moving to a smaller house. If they stick well together and persevere, they could make fix things, no matter what. Money is an important element that makes the world go round, yet it certainly is not the major factor in relationships.

4. Infertility

Not every couple who handle infertility makes it out unscathed. Pain, blame, hurt, loss and grief are popular emotions and feelings felt during this process, and not everybody could learn to be a cohesive couple once again. Nevertheless, there are some others emerging stronger than the left ones. One of my friends is Christine who tried to have a baby for 5 years without any result. After a variety of tests and hormonal therapies, along with some attempts at IVF, she and her husband gave up and chose to be couple without a child. When being asked about how infertility impacted her marriage, Christine said that it made her couple stronger than ever. She knew what a great man she married, and she would not be able to go through such pain without him.

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5. Ailment

Illness is one of the relationship problems that will make your relationship stronger and better. If you and your partner could stick together via a harsh illness, then chances are your relationship will become stronger than ever. Whether it is either you or your partner or a significant person who gets sick, being coped with the risk of losing someone is a terrifying thing. It is no fun about a scary diagnosis. Yet, for a number of couples, it is a chance to really understand how much they love one another. If it is a true love, not an attachment, this is the time for one partner to support the other and get him/her well at his/her weakest point. It shows what true love is about.

6. Death

Whether your couple endures a loss of a loved person, like a parent, a child, or a friend, or a miscarriage, it cannot be denied that handling death is really heartbreakingly difficult. Much support will be given and delivered between you and your partner, and if you could emerge from that darkness together, you will be able to endure almost thins that come your way.

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7. Temporary Separation

Among problems that will make your relationship stronger, many people look at this as a step taken before divorce, yet in contrast, a temporary separation might just mend the issues you are coping with. The target of a temporary separation is to give each other the necessary space and time to review the relationship and sort things out.

Whether it is rebuilding lost trust, concentrating on yourself, or taking time to understand what you want, it is no denial that selecting to experience a temporary separation might work for you at certain aspects. The reason behind this is that if you select to get back together, you will then appreciate how terrible you were apart and will recognize that you could overcome almost everything if you really want to.

Obviously, you have to set some basic rules before giving any commitment to the separation. Some instances include: scheduling a timeframe, no sleeping around, when and who will get the children, and more. These rules are determined are obviously decided by the two of you, so think carefully through before executing them.

8. Joint Assets

Many people might not look at having joint assets as a relationship problem, yet many do. More than often, this seems like a financial step many couples select to take when they have decided that they would like to spend their lives together.

Property tax deductions and joint tax returns are some instances. Nonetheless, depending on how you want to view it, sharing assets could bring up more issues than benefits. It is said that having two owners possess the whole asset is a disadvantage in any unstable relationship. If a couple goes through marital issues or two partners of business are not on the same page, neither party could encumber or sell the asset without the consent of the other one.

Fact is, you never predict exactly the future. Your relationship might be stable and firm, but you never know when corrupt business practices or financial swindling might happen. As long as you well prepared for that possibility, having joint wealth might strengthen your current relationship rather than ruin it.

In conclusion, there are many things couples go through to get stronger than ever before. However, a condition needs to be carried out that you two need to work things out together and give necessary support to overcome the hard time. That way, your relationship will be stronger. Have you ever had a “bad” moment in your relationship that made you stronger? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below this post!