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Want to improve your quadriceps strength? Want to know the effective yet simple quad strengthening exercises without using weights? Perfect. Everyone wishes to have shaped and killer legs of their dreams. However, the hardest part is that most of them do not know what to start with to gain those dream legs. Luckily, you are at the right place because this article will give you top 7 exercises for quads you can practice at home easily. Check out from Wikiyeah.com!

Quad Strengthening Exercises – 7 Easy Steps

1. Squats

When it comes to quad strengthening exercises, the first one you should do right now is squats. This is a super exercise to target the lower body parts, especially the legs and butts. However, people should make sure that they focus on forming by having their legs shoulder width apart, weight distributing evenly in the heels.

  • Position the feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned out
  • Face forwards, arms by your sides, core engaged to stabilize the body
  • Weight transferred to the heels, slightly hinge forwards at the hips, your back straight
  • Bring thighs as parallel to the ground as possible, stop for a second. Keep your weight on your heels and make sure your knees are over your toes, but not beyond them.
  • Straighten the legs and squeeze the butt to come back up, lowering your arms back to your side.

Do the exercise for 3 sets of 15 reps each one to challenge yourself. When you are familiar with it, you can increase to 3 sets with 20 reps each set. [Read: best leg exercises for women]

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