5 important questions to ask yourself before falling for someone

The time taken for someone to move on from liking to loving another one usually occurs quietly and rapidly. Even, you do not realize until it is happened so when you begin liking someone and think you may be developing such feelings and emotions further, it is time for you to talk with yourself for a moment in order to check if you really ready to be in a relationship with that person. We usually get into a relationship with people, thinking that they are just for fun and we will not let yourself get attached with them. Also, we judge them basing on the temporary setting that we have drawn for them in our mind, yet many times we get too attached with these people and what may seem perfect for a short span of time in our relationship or life can actually be completely opposite for long-term.

Therefore, when you find someone that you think he is the right guy for you and you could settle down with, you then could consider about these important questions to ask yourself before falling for someone. That way, you can have a reality check! Check out from Wikiyeah.com! Some information in this entry is referred from Huffingtonpost and Yourtango.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Falling For Someone – 5 Most Important Inquires

Questions to ask yourself before falling for someone

1. Do Them Make You Feel Happy More Than Anyone / Anything Else?

The first and foremost when it comes to questions to ask yourself before falling for someone is whether or not they make you happy? Despite it is a simple question, it is not easy to answer at all. Do you feel happy when being around them? Does just the thought of them fill your own heart with happiness and warmth? Trust me that the feeling you have instantly when taking their name is the real one you experience. If it is good, then congratulate! If not, it is better to let things go.

2. Are They Serious About You?

Let me ask you this question: are you on the same page? This is a killer question. You need to be sure about the answer before falling for someone. If not, it will just leave you feeling not valued properly or used. Whereas the single truth is that two of you started on the first page, and you decides to continue to go to the next page but your partner still wants to be on the first. It is better to save yourself the pain and your partner the guilt of not moving forward too fast.

Even, you could talk to them about it if it does confuse you. Be frank so you can really decide if you want to go on with this relationship or need to stop yourself from feeling that way instantly.

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3. Could You Accept The Shortcomings Of The Relationship With Them Unconditionally?

The next one among important questions to ask yourself before falling for someone is about the ability of acceptance. A realistic approach towards love explains that in fact, love is not really about the things you like in a person. At the beginning, it may be, but in the long term, it is all about the combination of things that you could comply with. For instance, some people find it very hard to be in a relationship with someone who likes to stay in a quiet space but some may find it is easy to compromise on whilst other things may sound bigger.

That is why you should ask yourself about the problems you two have at a time. Could you handle these problems for lifetime?

4. Could You Be Your True Self Around Them?

At a few first stages of a relationship, we all pretend to be a little bit of this and a little more of that. It is very normal during the first days, yet if you are serious about that relationship, you will finally come back to your usual self.

It is impossible to pretend to be someone else you are not, no matter how hard you try. Hence, observe and analyze yourself. With shortcomings and flaws, are you sure that they will love you? Could you tell them about the deep secrets or dark corners of your own life? If yes, and they could understand, it is time to be in a committed relationship.

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5. Do They Inspire You To Be A Better Man?

Have you thought about changing something of you that you have always done? Are you more concentrated on your future since you started being in a relationship with them? Are you more goal-oriented, health-conscious, or motivated to be a better man due to her? If that special person inspires you and makes you strive to grow in all areas of your whole life, then they may be the right one for you.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions when being with your guy? Share your thoughts with us below!