Top 9 most overlooked reasons for weight gain

The reasons for weight gain and not even recognizing it could range from lifestyle changes to stress, and your diet also. Both males and females might not intend to gain weight most of the time, yet over time, they find it occurs without even knowing it. The majority of us know what needs to do to lose weight, yet we most usually forget about those overlooked reasons for weight gain. So, read up this article from to consider some reasons for weight gain so you will be able to keep your weight management on track .

9 Reasons For Weight Gain – Most Overlook Points

1. Fat And Sugar Combined

Though the feeling of eating a banana and a little bit of nut butter or a few dates rolled in coconut butter is great, one of the most overlooked reasons for weight gain is to combine sugars and fats together. The combination of fat and sugar will result in an increase of insulin within the human body, causing weight gain fast. Basically, it opens the flood gates for the body to store fat if you are not fixing to run a race, or are a professional athlete who might need much more fuel than other normal people. In fact, even the natural starches which convert to sugar in the body, like wheat bread and potatoes, should not be eaten with those high-fat foods if you do not want to gain some pounds. The human body puts its energy into digesting carbs initially, and the fat will be stored as well, and fat, in reality, digest more slowly than other foods. So, you should eat fats with high protein foods, veggies, along with low-sugar fruits such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash, yet never with those high-carbohydrate foods if you do not want to gain weight. [Read: the truth about fat]

2. Sugary Drinks

Your favorite healthy fruit smoothie, or homemade juices, or vanilla almond milk though is great for your taste, they could all be the reasons why you are keep gaining weight. Sugar intake will send a big rush of insulin into the human cells, leading to excess of fat storage. Therefore, you should avoid going for sweetened drinks, non-dairy or not. Instead, opt for unsweetened varieties, and if you are going to have juices; just make sure that they are made from veggies, not fruits. With smoothies, you should use stevia rather than fruits, opt for acai which are sugar-free naturally. [Read: a comprehensive diet guide for weight loss – The 3 week diet review]

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