Top 9 most overlooked reasons for weight gain

7. Eat Too Little

You might think that in order to lose weight, you need to eat little. However, eating too little will cause your metabolism to get stressed due to too little fuel taken. When people do not fuel their metabolism properly, not only will not it give you energy, but it also cannot burn calories from any food you eat. After that, a vicious cycle will take place, leading to a low metabolism as well as excess fat storage. So, fuel your metabolism by eating smart, well, and enough. [Read: best protein sources for weight loss]

8. Lack Of Sleep

Among reasons for weight gain, lack of sleep might be one of the most overlooked. The reason behind this is that when people do not get enough sleep (often from 10 pm to 6 am), the hormones will not be produced enough, making you hungrier in the next day even when you are really not. Yet, do not eat after 10 pm because it is not friendly with your fat burning hormones. Eat earlier and have a good night’s sleep. [Read: how to sleep better]

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