6 biggest reasons he feels insecure about the relationship with you

Not only do girls feel insecure about their relationship, but guys also do. In previous article, we introduced an article about “how to get over insecurities in a relationship.” Today, we continue writing another article about insecurity, but from another view of point: Reasons he feels insecure about the relationship with you, girls.

Basically, the feelings of insecurity in a relationship could be handled well if two of you are honest and open with each other about your feelings. Actually, there could be various reasons why your partner – your guy – feels insecure about your relationship. If you are wondering what reasons he feels insecure about the relationship with you, then you need to read the following list, made by WikiYeah. Some information in this article is referred from Huffingtonpost and YourTango.

6 Reasons He Feels Insecure About Your Relationship –  Causes Of Your Boyfriend’s Insecurity

Reasons he feels insecure about the relationship with you

1. You Do Not Spend Enough Time For Him

One of the most noticeable reasons he feels insecure about the relationship with you is that there is lack of time together. Everyone has their right to pursue their own career, to be alone, to spend time with friends, and you are not an exception. However, that should not be the problem that wrecks him and your relationship. If he wants to spend time with you for doing something, then you should also take some additional hours each week for your partner. Once you could not spend enough time to him, he will absolutely feel insecure about your relationship.

2. He Is Afraid Of Being Cheated Once Again

If your boyfriend has been in a failed relationship previously, or he has been betrayed by his ex, surely he will have insecurity about your relationship too. Thus, it is necessary for you to be patient with him and give more care to him.

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3. You Have Suspicious Acts

Sure, you have a right to have your own privacy, yet do not make your personal space a big deal when your boyfriend checks your phone calls or messages. Of course, you are not wrong when taking phone calls from male friends or colleagues but do not act in suspicious manners. Be open and honest to him. You can mention to the names of our colleagues or friends and the purpose of the call after having a talk with them.

This is a way to build trust with your partner. When you act suspicious, you are creating doubts in his mind. So, act normal once you have no bad thing to hide.

4. You Treat Him As A Friend

Are you treating him as a friend? Remember that there is a difference between a friend and a lover. You should show more of your affectionate and passionate to him than to your friend. If you just treat him like any of other normal male friends, then he will absolutely feel insecure and apprehensive about the relationship with you.

5. You Have More Success Than Him

This is among subtle reasons he feels insecure about your relationship and also a main cause of failure amongst couples. When the female partner is more successful than the male one is, than he will feel useless about himself, which could strongly impact your relationship. And, this will even make your relationship worse if you boast of your success in front of him. So, be sympathetic to him if he is not as successful as you. Bear in mind that you value your relationship much more than your job or career. Do not ignore him due to your promotions or success, that way, he will feel more insecure about the future of his relationship with you.

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6. He Fears Of Not Being Good Enough In Bed

The next one in this list of reasons he feel insecure in the relationship with you is about sexual insecurity. Men could have some main sexual insecurities about not being strong in bed to their partner. This contributes to their insecurity about the overall relationship.

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Through magazine, men have thoughts that all women are good in bed by original default, and most of the time, the one who needs help is the male partner. However, that is not true that all women are naturally good in bed. Some have poor skill levels and extremely clumsy.

Uncertainty in bed is a great factor that causes insecure men. For men, it is like a shutting down of manliness when they turning women off and this in turn will cause the man to be insecure and fearful. So, ladies, take it easy if your guy does not make you feel satisfied in bed.