8 potential reasons men dump you (women)

When it comes to relationships, there are strange rules involving break-ups: you could not break up with your partner 7 days before and after their happy birthday, within 72 hours of having an intercourse, during the month of any main official holiday, by texts, and never in spring, winter or summer.

Break-ups are not easy at all, yet they are an essential evil. If you do not put a 110% into your relationship, you are doing both yourself and your partner a disservice. While every breakup happens in different ways, a lot of men tend to come up with the same reasons when breaking up with their women. It is found that men employ five main break-up techniques. The article below will discuss the most common potential reasons men dump you (the women they love) and the reason behind that. Check out why he may have broken up with you, from Wikiyeah.com! Some information in this article is referred from Psychologytoday and Huffingtonpost.

Reasons men dump you

1. You Want To Marry But They Do Not

This is among common reasons why men dump you. If you have been pushing to get married, and he does not have much enthusiastic motivation, it will be no surprise the he wants to get out. He might love you, yet your goals and his are different. Yet, you should consider yourself lucky this case because it is time to go and find another man who can appreciate you and is willing and ready for a marriage with you.

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2. You Do Not Listen

When a man says a certain thing, then you should give him a chance to talk. Listen to his voice. The common problem is sometimes men end up with someone who does not want to listen to them or who makes them feel as though they do not know what they are talking about. Well, despite we are not always right, we still have opinions. It is disappointed when we are made to feel like our own opinions do not matter to our significant other. Who wants to be with someone like that?

3. They Found Someone Else

This may be among the most painful reasons men dump you. You are falling in love with this person and enjoy your romantic life together. But, when they drop the bad news like tons of bricks, “I have met…” It has happened to many of us, ladies. In the end, this man was not the one, and there is a better match out there. [MORE: 10 unmistakable signs you are being cheated on]

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