8 potential reasons men dump you (women)

4. They Experience Fantasy Deprivation

Men love fantasy. Fantasy requires mental space as well as distance from the object of fantasy. At the early stage of the relationship, a man might not know the woman well, so he could imagine a lot of possible delights about here. If the woman becomes quickly familiar, particularly in the spirit of forging intimacy, she may eradicate all the mystery, and squash the distance necessary for fantasy. A man despite may not be aware of what he misses, but his eyes will start to wonder in no time to other women who present outlets and possibilities for fantasies. Either he will have an affair or dump.

5. You Are A Bad Partner In Bed

There are tons of relationships out there have ended since the sexual tension and sexual chemistry have disappear. Despite no one will admit that reason in their mind but it is a frequent cause of breakups. Oftentimes, if a man caught in a physical dull relationship will either cheat, form a porn addiction or simply dump.

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6. Your Job Is Better Than Theirs

This is one of the most skipped reasons men dump you, women. Resentment could originate from not being able to meet a partner on a professional or financial level. When it comes to career, some men tend to prioritize jealousy over championing and supporting their partner.

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