8 potential reasons men dump you (women)

7. Their Mother Said So

Despite families to men is not as critical as to women, but families still play an important role in relationships. If your man’s family does not especially like you, they have enough influence on your man to persuade him to dump you.

8. You Are Too Dependent or Too Independent

Being too dependent is not a good thing while being independent is great, but to a certain point. This sounds like we could not make up our minds between these two matters, but there is a fragile balance. It is like men like a grown woman who could handle her business, yet still let them know that there is a place in her own life for them that just they can fill. You are not a child, and men do not treat you like one, or take care of you like one. If you come to a man for every little thing, and could not seem to make small decisions or make up your mind… well, it is one of the clearest reasons men dump you, ladies.

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