Top 10 reasons why relationships fail are exposed

As you know, it is so hard to find your soul mate; you have to wait for quite a long time before finding him or her. Then, you and your mate have to make a lot of effort to build up relationships. However, in daily life, some silliest reasons can destroy your relationships. Read this entry of 10 reasons why relationships fail to avoid these most silly reasons – from!

10 Reasons Why Relationship Fail – Avoid These Relationship Mistakes

Reasons why relationships fail

1. Lack Of Time Spending For Each Other

Even when you get married, you still have your own life, but when you are in a relationship, lacking of time spending for each other can kill your relationship. This is the first reason in when it comes to reasons why relationships fail. Remember to spend time texting or calling your mate, no matter how busy you are, spending ten or fifteen minutes is not quite hard to do, right? After a long day busy with works, he or her really need your goodnight message. [Read: romantic gestures for him or her]

2. Long Distance

“Out of sight, out of mind”, long distance id one of the scarcest killer of your relationship. Sometimes, you cannot avoid this element in your life, but you still take advantage of modern technology to overcome this difficulty. All is up to you. Spend more time to chat with him/her, give them some gifts, hand-write mails will work in this situation. The long distance also means both physical and emotional distance. There is nothing wrong with having a long distance relationship. Yet, if you are in that case, you need some long distance relationship advice for men and women so that the connection between the two of you will be always kept warm. If you do not make your effort, you might eventually be in the same zip code, and your relationship will break soon.

On the other hand, emotional distance is also another aspect of “long distance”. When the two of you are emotionally incompatible, you or your partner will be in unmet emotional needs. One of you is needy and the other is aloof – this imbalance will lead to friction and resentment in your relationship. [Read: how to make your boyfriend happy]

3. Rely On Your Lover For Your Own Happiness

Fact is, this is one of the most common reasons why relationships fail. This problem is popular among those people who have either low self-esteem or have too few good or positive things going on their own lives. The problem, in specific words, is that you put too much pressure on your partner as if he or she has a huge role in your own life, without him or her you could not live or become a miserable heap of tears. Of course, this type of independence is totally not healthy in all types of relationships. [Read: why do men blow hot and cold]

4. Lack Of Support Of Families And Friends

This is one important one among many reasons why relationships fail. Of course you are the one who make the main decision but it is not a fully happy when you don’t get support from your families and friends. Try to find the reason why your families and friends not support your relationship. When you find out the reason, try to persuade them to change their points. [Read: how to overcome loneliness easily]

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