10 possible reasons why she doesn’t respond to your texts

Have you ever met this situation: you sent her the sweetest and smoothest line but she still did not reply or reply not much? So, what’s wrong with you?

Sometimes the behaviors of a girl in real life could be dramatically different from how she behaves via texts. Even when she seems to like you, she may go completely silent through text. This could be frustrating for some guys if they do not understand the real reasons behind those behaviors.

Some of the reasons might mean that she does not like you back, and others might be entirely unrelated to how she really feels about you. So, if you are wondering what are possible reasons why she doesn’t respond to your texts, then do not skip the following check list. This article made by Wikiyeah.com will show you some reasons why she hasn’t been answering you. Take a look!

Reasons Why She Doesn’t Respond To Your Texts – 10 Possible Reasons

Reasons why she doesn’t respond to your texts

1. She Is Playing Hard To Get

Well, this might be among the most common reasons why she doesn’t respond to your texts. Some girls often intentionally play hard to get with guys, especially in the first stages of their relationship. They do so because they do not want to come across too easily. They want men to show off some attempt or they may want you to not give up easily. In such case, you had better send her at least one text which is really clever and sweet every day, and add a polite and subtle invitation for an upcoming date. You should give enough effort to merit at least one short response from her, right?

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2. Her Phone Is Broken

Well, this reason might not be possible much, but in my opinions, it still counts the case. It can really be that she dropped her mobile phone and does not have any other one available to respond to your text messages. To solve this problem, you can send her a Facebook message or ask her friends to help her receive the messages.

3. She Has Already Liked Someone Else Or Does Not Like You Back

This may be not the reason you want to think of in regard to reasons why she doesn’t respond to your texts. But, be realistic she may not be the girl for you. Maybe, she likes someone else or you did not make her fall for you. Even when you had an interesting conversation with her, it does not necessarily mean that you are her choice.

In this case, it might be wise to wait several days and see what will happen; perhaps, she will text you more. But, if not, you should move on. Remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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4. She Is Busy

She is a girl, but it does not mean that she is not busy with her work. Even when a girl likes to go to the bar and flirt with guys, it still does not mean that they are really ready for a new relationship, or that they want to text with you frequently.

To make sure that if you are in such case or not, a good idea is to keep looking and not spend a large amount of time on waiting her.

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