10 possible reasons why she doesn’t respond to your texts

8. She Is A Lesbian

This might be rare in reality, yet who knows perhaps this is your case now. Maybe, she just loved the attention that you give her, or she thought you were just a butch girl, yet then realized otherwise when she are not drunk.

If you suspect that case, you should look back at the conversation between you two. Did she mention about anything related to her feelings for girls? Were the conversations focused on some typically manly topics such as sports, cars, and hot models? If the answer is yes, then you should move on.

9. She Gave You The Wrong Number Accidentally

This can be another logical and simple explanation for what happens. After several drinks, those girls start to be unfocused as normal. Also, you could have just imported the number into your phone wrong.

If you have her online account of any social channel, you can message her there. Yet, that is possible if she was nice enough to give you her Facebook or Twitter address.

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10. She Forgets Respond To Your Texts

Among possible reasons why she doesn’t respond to your texts, this is very simple and easy to explain. Sometimes, people just simply forget to answer the messages. Maybe, she read your texts, but forgot to respond due to something accidentally happening. You may have been waiting for her reply all day, but she can still be crazy about a certain movie series or anything else when you sent her your text. Wait a little bit, and if this is your case, send her another text.

It might be a tricky game for men to play to understand why a girl is not texting them back. With these 10 possible reasons why she doesn’t respond to your texts, hope that you could plan your next successful move.

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