6 most common reasons why you are a one night stand

Many women go out to look for love, but they often get a lot of booty calls and end up in the dead end flings. Many of them are incredibly beautiful, talented and driven women. Fact is, while they are relationship material, they still make some fatal errors on their own path when it comes to attracting boyfriends. If you are finding hard to find a boyfriend for you, then you may be among of them. Fortunately, these are 6 reasons why you are a one night stand which hopefully can help you on your path of finding love. Check out from WikiYeah.com!

6 Reasons Why You Are A One Night Stand

Reasons why you are a one night stand

1. The Way You Dress Up

The way you dress up and make up also is one of the reasons why you are a one night stand up to now. If you do not typically have a girly – girl style, then you should not do that when going out. There are a lot of reasons behind this stupid idea:

  • You will look stupid and hurt yourself by wearing that way.
  • You will attract the type of men who are not suitable for you, not good dating material.

Thus, it is better for you to dress as normally. It does not mean that you should not “dress up” when going up, but should dress up in the way speaking to who you really are, not a different version of yourself that you think men will love it more.

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2. Your Text To Him

Another reason among many possible reasons why you are a one night stand is that you text him too casually. Many women text men something like they are “one of the guys”. It means that they are too casual. Despite being natural and casual is not a bad thing, you should still be a lady. Tell him about how great you feel after meeting him and you would like to see him once again. Acting too cool sounds attractive but in fact, it will give him the idea that you are not interested in him or not being serious to him. That will make him think that you can easily be a one night stand.

3. You Do Not Mention That Your Interest For Him

Do not pretend like you do not want something that you really want. Many guys will take physical intimacy when they could get it, particularly with a pretty woman. You should remember that men could not read mind. If you want to have something, then you need to ask.

4. You Fall For Flattery

Because he tells you that you are beautiful and the sexiest girl he has ever seen, you let his hand take off your skirt. You make wild love and all are perfect till several days later when you cannot take any respond from him.

Do not make the mistake of a drunken night for your real interest if yes. Some people are curious and lonely, yet having physical intimacy with you does not mean that man has any obligation to text you or to continue fulfilling your demands.

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5. You Sleep With Him Too Soon

One of the most common reasons why you are a one night stand is that you sleep with him too soon. Physical intimacy is good and continues for a few weeks till one month when he meets a friend and says that: “Oh, she is only one of my friends with benefits.”

Instead, you should hold off on physical intimacy till you know that you really like him or see a future with him and that guy will give you more respect even when he is initially confused and frustrated.

6. The Place You Met Him

Do you know that the circumstances are also crucial when it comes to one night stands? If you meet a man in a bar when he is horny or drunk, chances are his attention for you may not be real. Do not mistake the flattery for the actual reaction.
If there is not a kind of spiritual connection made before the bar close, you should not go home with a random man and if you do that, you can apply this tip: tell him that you will go home with him but will not sleep with him. What you could do is stay up all night for making out, chatting, having fun and sleeping next to one another. If you are fortunate to the next day he will invite you to the café and get to know you more. If not, you will find out the answer for you: he may be not into you and you have wasted your time or feelings for him.