12 possible reasons why you are still single until now

Are you still single now? Are you wondering why you are still single after a long long time of searching for your Mr. Right?

It is a Saturday night and your female roommate friends all have date nights planned with their boyfriends, not you. They are going to have a dinner, watch movies or spend time together. You are still alone. Well, it might be the time for you to keep asking yourself why you have not met the man of your dreams? The answer is not as simple as you may think, like he has not come yet. And, in some cases, it might be simpler in compared with others. So, if you are looking for a serious relationships, yet not getting success much, then here’re a few reasons why you are still single now and still struggling. Check out from WikiYeah!

Why You Are Still Single Until Now – 12 Possible Reasons

Why you are still single

1. You Set Too High Standards

It should be the first reason why you are still single. Of course, it is good to have high standards. No girl should sell herself short and then suck in such a situation that she will regret later. However, there is a problem when you set too high standards.
If you are wondering how high standards sound like? To answer, we say this: normal standards are something like this saying: “I just want my boyfriend to respect me, be decent and honest, and treat me right.” But, high standards will be like this: “He better have a great job with salary of six figures and have a villa.”
You know what I mean, right? Though it is acceptable to have expectations, whether or not he is richer, it will not bring you a stable relationship or happiness, in fact. Do not skip the good guy just because of your high standards.

2. You Flirt With Too Many Men

The next reason why you are still single is that you are flirting with too many guys. All girls will feel great when they know they are wanted, desired, and being sought after. Nonetheless, if you begin to think to a man, and then have a few dates with him, and begin thinking that he may be your next lover, then it is better for you to stop texting way with others.
If you mention how you are wanted by other guys now and then, you might be pushing away your crush. He will either feel fed up with hearing about the men you are talking to or ask you to stop texting them. If a man is really interested in you, yet it is just in an early new relationship and he knows that you are texting a lot of guys at the same time, he will soon lose his interest for you. Who wants to be just an option in a relationship after all, right?
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3. You Are Negative

If you think winning in every argument is good and will make other people admire you, then you are wrong. Are you extremely defensive? Do you often talk negatively about your friends? If yes, this might be something you should pay more attention as it could be a reason why you are still single today.
Trust me, there are some specific personalities that can turn men off, and negatively is one of those turn offs for guys, no matter how beautiful a girl is. Nobody likes a drama queen or a complainer. And, if you continually talk bad about your mates, who knows you will not talk bad about him? That is your man’s thought or your relationship with him this case.
A man does not want to date someone who constantly bladders about his negative points to other people who do not know or understand him yet.

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