5 reasons women reject you when you ask them out

There are many men out there who do not have a good time talking to women. They do not have the ability of talking interestingly to women and oftentimes, their conversations turn out to be boring and awkward. The reasons behind their problems may be lack of social skills or they are not confident enough. Regardless of the reason, they might end up being ignored or rejected by most of women and develop some kind of complex making things worse for them in the future.
If you are why wondering why women reject you whenever you ask them out, then at first, be persistent because persistence is a good thing in relationships. After that, read on this article made by Wikiyeah.com to discover the real reasons women reject you when you ask them out.

5 Little-Known Reasons Women Reject You Whenever You Ask Them Out

Reasons women reject you when you ask them out

1. You Lack Of Experience

One of the reasons women reject you when you ask them out is due to your lack of experience, mainly lack of confidence. Some people find it difficult to look into other people’s eyes for more than a few seconds. In general, they are not good at conversations. However, they are the ones having a lot of offer if someone gets to know them.
They root cause of this is that they do not have much experience in communicating with other people at the beginning stage of a relationship. They did not have many friends or were not socialized. Or, maybe, other reason can be highly selective in trusting other people. Many people have trust issues and they think a lot when talking to other people. The betrayal in the past made them defensive in regard to approaching people around.

2. You Are Leaded In The Wrong Way By The Society

In relationships, chivalry is a common but long forgotten concept. The majority of men today try to act like those teenagers even they are mature. Despite there is nothing wrong with showing some gestures of love for your girl in the public places, such as pulling the chair for her in the restaurant or holding the door for her. Don’t be ashamed of it.
If you want to win a girl’s heart, you need to show the world that you feel proud of it. It may feel awkward in this society yet your woman will like it. To be honest, sometimes, loving someone is about courage.

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3. You Are Not Yourself

Another reason women reject you to reject you when you ask them out is that you are not yourself towards other people. Perhaps, the problems with them is that they are triggered by the thought of pretending to be outgoing and fun while being in front of people, as that will help them lure more people towards them. This is a big misconception. Rawness and originality, in fact, is what really attracts people. There are different kinds of women and they feel safe and secure when being around different kinds of men. If you think that a woman will like you as you act to be someone else, then you just set yourself up for sadness. Though this strategy can work for a few first dates, in the long term, it will damage your relationship.

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4. You Do Not Inspire Yourself First Before Inspiring Other People

Is there any inspiration in your own life? If the answer is no, then you should not expect someone to be seduced or attracted to you. If your daily life is boring and just hope to find your dream love on the street, then such miracles may just miracle. You need to do exciting things to change your lifestyle, go out and meet new friends in new environments.
If you keep spending your days and nights at work and home, you will soon become bored and dull. This makes you oblivious socially. Once you are familiar with this game for a long period, it is difficult to come back. Therefore, inspire yourself first if you want to inspire other people.

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5. You Over Think

Do you over think? If yes, it will destroy you. Many people spend time thinking about what other people think about them instead of initiating the conversation with the ones they like. Assume that someone you like gets across the table but you still keep your mouth shut and keep silent, and there is many biological activities in your own head at that time, then stop doing so. You just lose a golden chance to meet someone you like in your life. That is why you should stop over-thinking. What is the worst that may happen? You may get rejected but you do not have anything to regret.

Nonetheless, after all, what you need is persistence, which gives you the essential experience you want if you want to get a girl fall for you. If you do not give any try, how can better things happen? Everyone used to have heartaches and a few shares of rejections, so do not be afraid of being rejected. Keep your own head up and stay firm for the things you want to reap positive results.