6 reasons you will not stay with your first love

With the first love, everyone dreams about the happy ending. First love is an experience which everyone all goes through, and at times, the feelings associated with it are intense that you really believe it will last forever. Have you ever thought that your high school boyfriend / girlfriend will be your soulmate? Looking back, the majority of us will feel rather joyful when knowing that we did not stay with the first love that walked through our young life. Bad manners, bad hair or bad in-bed techniques. Ick! Your first love is intense, passionate, and hard to get over if things do not work. Part of the reason is because you are loving something that is your alone, and you are loving it intensely for the first time.

Why does young love never last?

Do you still holding onto the idea that your teenage love will be forever? Read on these 6 surprising, compelling reasons why you will not stay with your first love, collected by Wikiyeah.com!

Reasons you will not stay with your first love

1. Hormones, High School Drama, And Cheating

If you ask a group of people about how many of them had an experience of being cheated on in the period of high school, then perhaps nearly of them will raise their hands. It is said that when we are teenagers, we have hormones coming out from all orifices, making your feelings and sexual control much harder to deal with than when you are a mature. Moreover, the first sting of being cheated on will obsess you and shape how you deal with relationships in the upcoming time.

High school is filled with drama: fickle minds, sexual problems, friends, bullying, jealousy, experimentation with alcohol and drug, lying, depression and partying. Those things if combined do not create a healthy atmosphere for a stable relationship.

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2. On-Off Relationships May Tire You Out

One of the most compelling reasons you will not stay with your first love is that it is a kind of on-off relationships. Whilst it might seem like magic to get back together with your high-school ex, you will soon get over this phase and realize how tiresome it is to resuscitate continually such a relationship which has already been broken a few times before.

This not only gets annoying, but also is unhealthy for your emotional state, causing trust issues and creating an eventual distaste or disinterest for your significant other. Unfortunately, those on-off relationships are often born in high school breeding ground.

3. Everyone Changes

Overtime, we all change. We do not stay teenagers forever; we get matured day by day. The way we change strongly impacts our relationships with people around, and because changes occurs quickly in teenage years, it may doom the chances with high school mates.

It is suggested that humans change significantly every 3 to 7 years. With such changes, is it possible to grow with each other? Of course, it is totally possible, yet it is unlikely to be practical in high school because the changes that we often make from your teenage to your 20’s are drastic, you will not recognize your own emotion as well.

4. Your Needs And Wants Mature

I bet that the more you have been matured, the more you realize that your boyfriend in high school year is kind of a jerk. Well, you might not agree with this and maybe, that boyfriend is not, yet the point here is that people all change, and who you are with at that time will likely not reflect who you are with now. Due to the emotional growth and experience in having relationships with many guys and girls in high school years, you will be already beginning to find out what you actually want in a potential partner.

This is a healthy growing phase, leading you to date more and more in the future. Whilst it sounds rather shallow to know that staying with the only one person will stunt your mature, in certain ways it will. Dating different people will help you see what characteristics of a partner you need, and which ones you will not need in the future.

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5. College Blues

Among reasons you will not stay with your first love, this is the one which might surprise you. Before heading to a higher level of education, you may be asking yourself that: Could I stay with my high school partner in college? Will this relationship last? The romantic side in your want to say no while the answer in fact in most cases is yes. If you join in the same university or college, you two may be able to stay together for longer period of time. It will give you a memorable experience of growing because you will be living away from your hometown and be new to dorm-life. Having someone to love in the same college means you will have at least one warranted friend. That being said, it will not be long before you have both made new friends, developed new interests, a dating pool that is full of diverse and interesting people, and suddenly realize that how far apart you have grown.

In case your college is not the same as his/her, you are in for a more unpleasant experience, but an easier breakup. Long distance relationships are difficult, even for those seasoned daters. Maybe, Skype calls are convenient, yet they still do not make up for the physical intimacy you get when being with someone – particularly at an importance and hormone-addled period of your own life.

6. You Have Different Goals Of Life

When people grow, they discover various needs and wants, not just from their partner, but from their own lives. When you mature, you will begin to realize what you need and want in your life. What occurs when you would like to be a lawyer in New York but she wants to be a teacher, or settle down and begin a loving family in California? Even worse, what occurs when you want to be an engineer while he wants to live in the hometown and work at local hospital? Through every relationship, with its disappointment, highs and lows, we all know more about ourselves, what we do and do not want. First love, in fact, serves a helpful purpose in that it can give us an introduction to the taste of romance, yet it is part of a learning process rather than the end of the whole story.

It sounds harsh to say that you will not stay with your first love, but who knows, perhaps you will be the rare couple that stays together. However, be brave because no matter what you will continue to grow without your first love (if things do not work), discovering the kind of person you really want to be, and meeting fascinating and challenging people along your