10 big red flags in relationships you may overlook

When it comes to relationship, there is a common problem: as soon as people get into a new relationship, they think it is perfect. It seems that nothing in their lives have ever been as amazing as it is, and it may stay like this forever. However, after a few months, when they come back to the real life, when daily chatting and meet up seem to lesser, then that is when they begin wondering if it is as great as they used to think and if their partner is the right one for them. That is when they need their feelings to take a back seat. So, if you are among those people, you should consider the following red flags in relationships, collected by Wikiyeah.com. Some information in this entry is referred from Psychology Today and Huffington Post:

10 Warning RED FLAGS In Relationships – Test Your Relationship’s Health

Red flags in relationships

1. Don’t Keep Promises

In this list of biggest red flags in relationship, the first is this. How often your partner keeps their promise? Even when they do not, then how hard they try to keep them? I am not going to disregard all attempts that your partner make, but just stop and observe.

If your partner promise too fast before really thinking about it which finally results in an incompleted promise, then he / she is the one who will continue doing that and you will finally end up with feeling disappointed every time.

2. Joke At Your Embarrassments

This may be the most painful red flag that you don’t want in your life. If you see this occurring in your relationship, either you prepared your luggage or your fix it. The person who really loves you will never feel bad about what you feel embarrassed of. Perhaps, it is your feet, your weight, your family or your past.

We all have something not perfect with us, and the one who is willing to love you for the person you are will accept you with that weak point. If you partner does not do as your want, then firstly, you need to try to talk it out. Just be clear in saying how much their behavior impacts you. If your partner realizes that problem, you are lucky. But if they do not, you should know that prepare yourself for dealing it all of your life.

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3. Loss Of Balance

Among red flags in relationships, this is often overlooked or undervalued. I have witnessed some couples like this. It is something like the best and the worst thing that a person could go through. Those people who lose balance (the extremists) would initially go out of their ways unrealistically in order to something for you. Even, they would leave their family or best friends just to be with you. It seems that nothing in their life ever exists without you. Does it sound ideal? But wait! Remember that no one would give more than they receive after all. In no time, they would start hoping you to do the same for them. Anything that they feel has a light importance for you will finally become a real problem for them.

As natural, when a person gives up all things for someone, they just have that single person at that moment, and they get very cautious about losing that person. So, a healthy relationship is the one that has a balance inside. Your partner should strike the balance in his own life.

4. Keep You Out Of His Social Media Channels

If your partner keeps their privacy high even in front of you, something is wrong. Some small acts or behaviors could really tell you if your significant other is lying or hiding you or not. Yet, you should not secretly log into your partner’s Twitter or Facebook account in order to check. What you need to do is to observe the behaviors of your partner when you are in the same room with them or when they are chatting with someone else. Does your partner feel uncomfortable? If yes, then you should talk out it, in a calm way. If they really love you and want you not to feel that way, they will reveal it to you. If they retaliate and make a fuss about their privacy, then you should be careful. [MORE: 20 reasons why do men cheat and lie]

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