10 big red flags in relationships you may overlook

5. Look Down On People

This is an alert one among red flags in relationships. Even when you two are in that honeymoon stage, insulting a certain improperly or looking down upon people is a big red flag for something that is going to happen in the upcoming time. Those who do not respect other people will finally act similarly to you. At first, you may feel you could take it easy just because the love you have for them, but after all, everyone’s patience will run out. When everything is too hurtful or ugly, it is hard to work on.

6. Taunt You Over A Secret That Just They Know

Each relationship has its fair share of arguments and fights. Most couples badmouth when getting angry, yet each of them has drawn a few lessons after that. People all tell their deepest, even darkest secrets to their partner and expect that their partner would respect not reminding them to or mentioning that those secrets. However, if your partner starts to bring those secrets up in arguments or fights in order to humiliate you, then this is among red flags in your relationship. If a person tries to torture you with something that they know will hurt you much, then they do not deserve you.

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7. Abuse You

An abusive relationship can be shown through different aspects, be it physical, verbal, emotional or mental. It is wrong and nothing in this world could make it right. Remember that no type of abuse is acceptable. If someone abusing you emotionally, they will start abusing you verbally in no time. On the other hand, if someone abusing you verbally, then soon they will start abusing you physically. No ending.

The advice is as soon as you see this incident occurring to you, then it is a sign to know when to end your relationship. If we assume that this ending is like jumping out of the car, then you should still not care if your landing will hurt or what will happen to you without your partner. It is supposed to. Remember that you were fine before and you will also be fine now. [MORE: 17 warning signs of emotional abuse]

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