10 big red flags in relationships you may overlook

8. Cry A Lot

It seems too familiar in most relationships. However, it does matter. No matter your partner is male or female, crying on every little things can tell a lot about the nature of a person. Crying is not bad, but it will become a problem if your partner cries whenever it is their mistake or whenever you confront them.

Crying often is an easy manner to get out of things for those people. I have witnessed it from time to time. In order to avoid conflict and not to be blamed for some faults, those people cry. So, if that is how conflicts end in your relationship, you need to do something to change it up.

9. Take You For Granted

Taking someone for granted is a mistake that most of us make at some point of our lives. Such behavior secretly kills our relationships. You should never ever take things your partner does for granted and vice versa. What you do, even when it is the hundredth time should be valued and appreciated and if it is not valued, at least it should not be taken as your task. You need to clarify with your partner that whatever you are compromising on or doing, you are showing your respect for them. If your partner keeps taking you for granted, then there may be a significantly long list that they have of what you never did for them. Either you are too much of that or too less for it.

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10. Sit Down, Think Of Your Partner And See What Is In Your Mind That Moment

Well, this sounds like an exercise rather than a red flag. But in fact, if you do this exercise, it might reveal a certain red flag. Now, from inside of your heart, you may want to be clearer. Here are steps you can take: sit down – take a deep breath – clear your mind – think of your partner – see what your first feeling when thinking about your partner is. If it is happiness, love, care…, then you are in a sincere, worth-keeping relationship. If it is sorrow, frustration, hurt, fear…, then it is time to get out of your relationship.

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