How to use sesame seeds for weight loss effectively

If you are wondering how to lose weight safely without working hard so much, then consider taking advantage of sesame seeds. It is said that people with obesity could look forward to sesame seeds for keeping their body in shape.

Sesame seeds along with their nutty flavor have gotten their fame in the kitchen. These tiny seeds are a powerhouse of a lot of vitamins and minerals. They consist of two unique compounds which are sesamolin and sesamin, and the powerful lignans which have been proven to decrease cholesterol, act as an antidepressant, and prevent high blood pressure level. Before learning how to use sesame seeds for weight loss effectively on, you should know some of the most appreciated benefits of this plant.

How to use sesame seeds for weight loss

The Most Noticeable Benefits Of Sesame Seeds

  • High content of vitamin E: due to being a rich source of vitamin E, eating sesame seeds could help you get radiant skin, nails and hair. It can also help you improve the overall physical fitness performance, thereby contributing to develop lean muscles. It is known that lean muscle can burn more calories than body fat. Vitamin E also helps lessen the risk of heart disease, stroke, and atherosclerosis. [Read: symptoms of heart failure in adults to watch for]
  • A signal amount of sesamin: this compound can reduce LDL (bad cholesterol.), prevent some types of cancer and boost brain function. It is proven that sesamin in sesame seeds could improve the capability of liver, helping to break down and burn much more fat. As a result, it reduces the capacity of the human body to store fat.
  • High content of fiber: dietary fiber in sesame seeds plays an important role in weight loss because it helps improve digestion, making you feel full for a longer period after eating.
  • Great source of calcium: it is estimated that just one table spoon of sesame seeds consists of 88 mg of calcium, which is very useful for bone health.
  • Lignans and fat burning: sesamin, an element of sesame seeds is a fibrous substance known as a lignin. This substance could improve fat burning ability by boosting ketone production. In fact, ketone production is seen in a lot of diet pill supplements as it produces the amino acids maintained by the body, supporting the body to spare muscle and target body fat for an energy source. It means that whilst you are dieting, your muscle mass will not lose, but your fat deposits will go down. It is what people who want to lose weight is looking for.

How To Use Sesame Seeds For Weight Loss

According to estimation, each pound of weight loss needs you to create a deficit of 3,500 calories by either exercising more or eating few calories. A tablespoon of sesame seeds has 52 calories. When it comes to learning how to use sesame seeds for weight loss, you could not just simply add sesame seeds to your daily diet. You have to consume them in place of another high-calorie food. [Read: Is it good to use sesame seeds for constipation?]

Dietary Uses

Some suggestions on how to use sesame seeds for weight loss are:

  • Adding Sesame Seeds To Your Breakfast

You can add a sprinkle of sesame seeds on your breakfast yogurt or cereal. Or, you can use spreads like peanut butter or tahini with no added sugar or fats.

  • Adding Them As Cooking Ingredients To Your Dish

For baked dishes, you can add in a handful of sesame seeds or sprinkle them on top of the bread.

  • Adding Them To Salads

Just a little toasted sesame seeds also make a great addition to a pasta or salad dish.

You could easily trade peanut butter for sesame seed butter. Sesame seeds can pair well with salmon or chicken and make a tasty addition to homemade granola.

Side Effects And Contraindications

Despite sesame seeds has been proven being helpful for weight loss, overdose or misuse of sesame seeds can be associated with some side effects. Some of them are:

  • If you consume too much sesame seeds, it may lead to hair loss or endocrine disorders because the oil in sesame seeds can result in oily scalp, withering hair follicles and even baldness.
  • Consuming sesame seed oil in large amount could cause diarrhea, tremors, cramps, difficulty in breathing, cough, suppression and flatulence.