Should I call him: 5 possible cases and solutions for each!

In relationships, there is no specific answer questions like what kind of mixed signals he is sending, how he thinks about you, should you call him, and more. Bear in mind that men could sometimes be strange creatures, so no rule of thumb can be applied universally. If you find yourself struggling over pressing that green button with your crush and wondering “Should I call him?”, then the followings are a few things you may want to consider first:

Should I call him

When And How You Should Contact With A New Man

Assume that you met your crush at the club last night, and after having some drinks, he gives you his phone number. So, now you wonder should you call him or not and when to do.

The morning after your hangover, you may die for a distraction, yet do not be too quick. You should follow the 2-day rule. That means, if you met him on Saturday night, then call him on a Monday evening. Better yet, you could stick to the texts and only ask him about his weekend. This will show him that you are interested, whilst also helping you have some information about his lifestyle. Bear in mind that the first move in this example is that he gives you his phone number, and your turn is to contact him to keep things balanced.

It is advised that the best manner to talk to your crush is to bring up something in your own day which reminded you of him. For instance, if the first meeting between you and him, he was teasing you about something, then now you could send him a funny, cute text involved that tease. Keep things flirty and light with the tips and tricks on here!

Should I Call Him?

You had an awesome first date and now you want to call him but don’t know should you do that or not.

In the early stage of a relationship, you need to somewhat calculating in regard to move-making. If he was the one asking out on the first date, you will have more leverage in making a contact with him to initiate the second date. Yet, if you initiated that first date, then give him a chance to ask you for the second, particularly if you have already had physical intimacy. Of course, you want to show your feelings for him, yet do not rush too harsh. Follow the 3-day rule before you give him a ring. Learn what to text after the first date here.

When you have the answer for the question “Should I call him?” now you can move to another matter, such as the subject of conversations.

Should I Call Him – If You Got The Number From A Friend

Another possible circumstance is when you get his number from a friend, be it when you have to discuss a casual issue concerning you both (i.e. You and him are co-workers in a project together) or when he told his friend to give you his phone number, or through social media like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook.

Remember that once you make a casual, initial contact, you should wait for his next move to proceed.

Should I Call Him First – What If You And Him Got In A Fight

Relationships have ups and downs, and fights are indispensible. After having a big fights, couples need space. Give yourself at least one day to calm down and cool off, yet do not spend it closing or brooding yourself off. Rather than, hang out with your friend for cocktails, venting or shopping. Or, simply concentrate on other light-hearted activity to refresh your mind and lift your mood. Or, you can go to the gym to blow off some steam. This will give you a confidence boost.

The one-day rule (or 24-hour rule) applies regardless of the at-fault partner in the fight. Nonetheless, if he was at fault completely, you had better wait for him to initiate a contact with you. Often, fault could be attributed to both partners. However, the case that you should call him (when he does not call you first) is approximately 2 days.

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Should I Call Him Again – If He Broke Up With You

This is a tough situation because not calling the one who broke up with you is easier said than done. It is tempting to fall back into the old habits and have intercourses after breakup. Learn 8 best things to do after a breakup.

For this problem, the best solution is to write down what you would say in a text message or a phone call. This will let you get everything out of your mind without having to risk or feeling regret later. When you go back to read that document later, in another state of mind, maybe, you will find that you no longer want to say the things you wrote.

Despite following the relationship rules above will usually put you in the position of a healthy and happy relationship, they are not fool-proof completely. In some cases, you have to believe in your own judgment. Particularly, in cases where the relationship starts to become more serious, it is crucial to be honest with that person and address your expectations and needs from the relationship.

If you are always the one who calls him first after having a fight, it is not okay at all. He might not be aware that he is not good at communication, as this is a rather typical problem with men, yet that does not mean he does not care. You should make sure that he acknowledges that you expect him to show his feelings to you much more often, so you could have that reassurance.