Should I trust him: 18 signs you should and shouldn’t

When it comes to relationships, trust is a basic part. It is impossible to have a close emotional connection with a person if you could not trust them. It is also hard to trust a person with material things. Nowadays, in this society, most people do not trust easily anyway. Upon when your trust placed in someone ends up in disappointment so many times, you will refrain from doing it.

To find out if the person you are dating is trusted, you need to master at watching some signs from them. The more you pay attention to the signs, the easier it will be in regard to finding the answer “Should I trust him?” This article from contains 2 parts:

  • 1st: signs you can trust the guy you are with
  • 2nd: signs you can’t trust the guy you are with

Now, let’s start!

Should I trust him

I. Should I Trust Him – 9 Signs You Can Trust The Guy You Are With

Watch out these 9 big signs and if you see any, then you could trust him.

1. He Maintains Eye Contact With You

Have you ever looked into someone in their eye and lie to them? Maybe, no. this is a sure-fire sign of honesty. If your guy is not looking away whilst talking to you, go ahead and you could trust his words. If not, he is obviously a very skilled liar. If he has difficulty in making and maintaining eye contact with you, he might be lying or does not want you to know something. Pay attention upon talking to your guy.

2. He Welcomes Your Inquisition

He never shuts down your questions, simply because he does not have anything to hide. He wants you to trust him and he understands that you are trying to remove your doubts. He does not have any trouble having an honest conversation with you.

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3. He Opens Up To You

To answer for your question: “should I trust him?”, check out if he opens up to you or not. Of course, not being open to you does not mean that he is not trusted. However, it is still a basic sign to watch for. If your guy allows you to get to know him more than anyone else, congratulate. He does not fear of being himself in front of you and does not pretend to be someone else that he is not. He allows his guard off when being around you. If he makes an effort to being open to you, do not leave him.

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4. He Has Eyes For You, Only

Even when your man is overly-friendly type, in your relationship, he still has his eyes for only you and no girl can distract him, then you can trust him. Nonetheless, if he flirts around, perhaps he needs a little bit more time to get there. You could tell him about your feelings about his behaviors. Do not go into any conclusion, yet also do not place all of your trust in him too soon. If after telling him, he changes his ways in due time, it is great. Yet, if he does not, perhaps it is necessary to have some reconsideration.

5. He Is Interested In Your Life

Should I trust him? It is nice when you are with a guy who can listen to you without complaining when you tell about your life. Even, it is better when he asks about your friends, family, work, etc. He keeps up with everything happening in your life. He pays attention to your words and tries to get a chance to get to know you better.

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