10 Undoubted Signs a Woman is Insecure about Herself

A woman who does not value herself properly may not see her worth and how much she is important to others and the world. This also means she is insecure about herself. Interpreting the insecure behavior of another person is hard for the majority of us. Being able to tell if a certain person is insecure about themselves or not could be rather tricky. Sometimes, an individual will act very confident in order to overcompensate for their actual unconfident characteristic. It is helpful to recognize the signs because you can understand how and why that person has that behavior. When thinking of a woman who is insecure, what kind of behavior comes to mind?

Here this article on WikiYeah.com will reveal to you some signs a woman is insecure about herself.

10 Undoubted Signs a Woman is Insecure about Herself to Watch For

Signs a woman is insecure about herself

1. She Is Jealous

When a woman gets jealous in your relationship, it is one of proofs that she cares about you. However, just a little jealousy is healthy and normal, but too much will drive your relationship into bunny-boiler territory.

If your girlfriend acts highly jealous towards other women, then it is one of signs a woman is insecure about herself. Of course, jealousy does not always manifest itself in the obvious ways.

Whether it is personal life or workplace, if your girlfriend gets jealous or aggressive even at the slightest bit of communication or interaction with the opposite gender, then she has a serious problem related to insecurities. Every mature and sensible woman all understands that people cannot survive without communicating or interacting with others. In such case, you may need to spend time on explaining and persuading her that you are not cheating on her and you were only having normal conversations with that person.

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2. She Is Defensive

One of clear signs a woman is insecure about herself you can watch for is her defensiveness. A woman who is insecure can be very defensive. It is shown through her behavior of taking almost things said to her as criticism. As a result, she concludes about what other people said and what it meant. Perhaps, you says something in a totally different manner but she still takes it as if you directly target over her weaknesses.

3. She Is Clingy Or Needy

A woman who is insecure about herself will have low confidence and low self-esteem, making her feel moody, clingy, and needy. If you are too busy or cannot give her attention as much as she wants, she may interpret that she will be abandoned, rejected, or replaced by another woman who is more worthy.

She might call you continually, leave you endless text messages throughout the day or else be fearful or withdrawn of asserting herself.

Due to neediness, a woman who is insecure if usually willing to lose herself or compromise in a relationship. As a result, she might drop her friends and interests to spend all time thinking about you. She might fear that another girl will catch your attention. She will have a hard time on giving you space.

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4. She Does Not Take Care Of Herself

Among signs a woman is insecure about herself, this may be rather subtle. A woman who does not value herself might not take care of herself effectively, be it over-indulging in drugs, foods alcohol, or other addictions. She may not feed herself what it deserves or healthy foods. She does not wear attractive clothes to feel good enough, starve herself to look good. Sometimes, a woman may feel the need to carry out a plastic surgery. In such case, she might not believe that she is worthy to have nice outfits, or to pamper herself.

5. She Is Controlling

Each healthy relationship needs some amount of control from both partners. If a partner begins to be controlling, then the other has to end up suffering. For an insecure woman, she might be an authoritarian and controlling. She wants to drive things work as her ways every time. This could lead to distress for the man and result in emotional issues.

To keep yourself healthy in terms of mental health, you had better avoid a partner who is controlling.

6. She Always Plays The Victim

All relationships have issues. It means uncomfortable and awkward conversations may come up. Does she reactive if you tell her things bugging you?

If your woman could not take feedback without being defensive, then it is almost impossible to build trust and understanding in the relationship. Also, you cannot move forward. If all arguments your woman relays to you about family or friends are sob stories where somebody is attacking her, and bad things just happen to her, then she might be the problem, not others.

To put in other words, the insecure person often complains that things are not good enough. An insecure woman will always think that all problems in her own life are due to others. She never takes responsibility of her mistakes and she blames all problems on people around. This is a defense mechanism that she makes her own self feel like she is better than others.

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7. She Has A Habit Of Belittling Others

It is not comfortable at all to be with someone who always thinks high of their own and belittles other people. If your girlfriend has this habit, then it is one of signs a woman is insecure about herself. An insecure woman always belittles other people, including her boyfriend. If someone has achievements and your woman says that they cheated, their accomplishments or achievements are meaningless, and they do not deserve it, then it is not surprising that she is insecure about herself. It is like nobody is worthy of any type of success except for her.

She praises herself and as a result, you – as her partner – will feel stressed in your relationship, instead of getting comfort and peace from it.

8. She Holds A Grudge Every Time

The insecure girlfriend always holds a grudge. Despite it can be healthy in a relationship to forget your partner’s mistakes now and then, if a woman is very insecure, she might hold onto that grudge to make her significant other feel bad about himself. As a result, she feels that she is the better one in the relationship, but in fact she is the one with flaws.

Sometimes, her insecurity also shows through her accomplishments. This sounds strange when it comes to signs a woman is insecure about herself, but it does. People who are continually bragging about their fantastic lifestyle, their education, or their great children might be good at convincing themselves that they really have worth.

9. She Takes Joy In The Misfortune Of Other People

Does your woman laugh when she sees someone else failed? Does she feel happy when someone she does not like gets dumped or fired? It is all about her insecurity.

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10. She Lacks Her Own Ambition

A woman who is insecure about herself might lack the confidence to chase her dreams regarding her career or having a life purpose. In regard to her choice in job, she might work at a job which does not make her happy or is beneath her; or select a career that someone else selected for her or that will make someone happy; or prefer to be taken care of by other people or not to work at all.

To sum up, being able to detect insecurity of a woman, especially your woman, can help you shake off the self-doubt that your girlfriend seems to enjoy fostering in you.

Hope that this article of signs a woman is insecure about herself is useful for you to understand more about your girlfriend and where you two are standing in the relationship.