12 signs and symptoms of depression in men to watch for

What are signs and symptoms of depression in men? One of facts about depression is that it is estimated that more than 5 million men in the U.S experience depression annually. Clinical depression – in both men and women – could lead to a loss of interest and sadness in pleasurable activities. However, depression could occasionally manifest in many ways in different people.
Depression actually impacts both genders. It disrupts the relationships and interferes with work daily activities. The symptoms of depression in men, in fact, are similar to those in women. However, men tend to express these symptoms differently. Signs of depression in men are harder to detect than they are in women. Popular symptoms of depression contain loss of interest in pleasurable activities, changes in appetite, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and apathy. In women, depression might be more likely to cause the feelings of worthlessness and sadness. On the other hand, depression in men, might be more likely to cause them to feel aggressive, irritable, or hostile and to become withdrawn. This article, from WikiYeah, refers the information introduced in Webmd.

Symptoms Of Depression In Men – 12 Most Common Signs

  1. Fatigue
  2. Anger And Pessimistic Outlook On Life
  3. Feel Nothing
  4. Sleeping Too Little Or Too Much
  5. Feeling Restlessness Or Dissatisfaction
  6. Backache Or Stomachache
  7. Irritability
  8. Difficult Focusing
  9. Problems With Relationships And Sexual Behaviors
  10. Substance Abuse
  11. Indecision
  12. Suicidal Thoughts
12 signs and symptoms of depression in men to watch for
12 signs and symptoms of depression in men to watch for


When it comes to symptoms of depression in men, fatigue should be mentioned firstly. People who are depressed experience a series of emotional and physical changes. They could experience fatigue and psychomotor retardation, or a slowing down of speech, physical movements, and thought processes.
It is said that men tend to be more likely than women to suffer from fatigue as well as other physical symptoms of depression. [Read: how to overcome depression and anxiety]

Anger And Pessimistic Outlook On Life

Men usually become more pessimistic and angry about themselves as well as their capabilities than women. The world around them becomes an unhappy and unrewarding place, and they will become towards their friends and family in a more irritable and angry manner. One of the symptoms of depression in men is to lashing out and blaming other people. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for others to recognize that a guy has depression. When women feel depressed, they should sadness, and those around them might feel compassionate for them. Nevertheless, those angry depressed men usually make those around them angry. In reality, they become moody, and appear more selfish. Actually, the signs of depression in men often look like bad behaviors.
Normally, depressed men act in ways that push other people around them away rather than draw others to them. Oftentimes, they are negative, hostile, argumentative, and critical. They simply are not themselves anymore.
It is hard to generate compassion and empathy for them. This is why it regularly goes untreated and undetected. Men might lose their jobs and their relationships without ever understanding the condition behind the incidents. [Read: facts about self harm]

Feel Nothing

Feeling numb? Neutral? Most of us have motivations that get us out of the bed in the morning, whether it is exercise, work, socializing, or making breakfast. However, for those depressed people, particularly depressed men, those pulls dry up. This type of behavior is a hallmark of depression, and it could make them seem distant, cold, or aloof. [Read: how to overcome loneliness easily]

Sleeping Too Little Or Too Much

Sleeping disorders, like waking up very early, insomnia, or excessive sleeping – are all considered common symptoms of depression in men.
Some individuals sleep 12 hours per day and still feel exhausted or toss and turn and then wake up every two hours.
Similar to fatigue, sleep disorders are the symptom that many depressed men discuss with their doctor. [Read: how to stay positive and happy in tough times]

Feeling Restlessness Or Dissatisfaction

As men are depressed, they become physically and mentally uncomfortable. Instead of being introspective, most guys are avoidant. They tend to minimize their emotions and feelings.
Because men are less likely to be aware of and able to communicate their emotions and feelings, they will be more resistant to the uncomfortable feeling states. Their method of coping with depression contains more escape and avoidance behaviors.

Backache Or Stomachache

Health issues like diarrhea or constipation, headaches and back pain are common in those who have depression. Nonetheless, men usually do not realize that digestive disorder or chronic pain is associated with depression, according to a recent study. People who are depressed genuinely feel bad physically. [Read: how to live a simple life and be happy].


Rather than seeming down, depressed men usually show signs of irritability. If they mention to an emotional component, it can be sadness with irritability.
Negative thoughts are also common factor of depression.

Difficult Focusing

Because depression can slow down the ability to process information of a man, so this condition might impair focus ability on work as well as other tasks.
Depressed men constantly think about negative things in their world. As a consequence, it makes it hard to concentrate on things. The fact is, when people are depressed, their CPU (central processing unit) does not work properly.

Problems With Relationships And Sexual Behaviors

When men feel badly about themselves, it is harder for them to maintain relationships and feel sexually connected to their partner. Particularly, men are usually at a disadvantage when it comes to these skills. It usually does not come as naturally to them to express and communicate their emotions and feelings and they have to work much harder at this aspect of relationships than women. Once men become depressed, they will lose their confidence and energy along with effort to be successful at these things. [Read: mistakes men make in bed]

This becomes a vicious cycle. Depressed men become withdrawn, thereby making their partners resentful and angry. In reality, this could lead to divorce as well as other serious problems in their marriage. Also, they might start to engage in sex outside of the relationship or reckless sexual behavior as they are seeking some type of excitement or stimulation.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse regularly associates with depression. It is shown that those alcoholics are almost twice as likely to have major depression as those without drinking problem.
It could happen for both men and women, yet using alcohol or drugs to mask the uncomfortable feelings is a common strategy many men will implement instead of seeking help from doctors. [Read: how to express anger in a healthy way]


Depressed men naturally have a difficult time making decisions is an information-process problem, and depression will slow down the ability of deciding. , so the inability of making choices is a common sign of depression in men.


Depressed men naturally have a difficult time making decisions is an information-process problem, and depression will slow down the ability of deciding. , so the inability of making choices is a common sign of depression in men.

Suicidal Thoughts

Women tend to be more likely to attempt suicide, yet men are more than 4 times when it comes to attempt of suicide. Especially, older guys are at the highest risk of suicide, and doctors might miss depression in this age group.
If you are wondering if you or your man might suffer from depression condition, you should check out the list of signs and symptoms of depression in men above.

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