5 Clear Signs He Can’t Resist You

Participating into many relationships, newly one or long-time acquaintance, have you ever had to ask yourself sorts of questions as “How he does think of me?’ “Whether or not he likes me?” “How ‘like’ is it?” … You are finding signs he cannot resist you, aren’t you? Here are top 5 signs he can’t resist you. Read on from WikiYeah.com!

Top 5 Fool-proof Signs He Can’t Resist You To Watch For

Signs he can't resist you

1. He Makes Eye Contact In A Special Way To You

Eyes are the window to the soul. The soul in under needed mood, thus no wonder why the ‘window’ is widely opened to send the meaning out. The man, if already in a strong feeling with the woman, will give a special look to her. The look connects from his heart, showing the meaning through his eyes. It contains words without sound, deeply moved. Some cases, women might not recognize such meaning, especially those are in talkative or so socialized status. However, it is just the matter of time, sooner or later, the look will work. The message is sent even in a very short moment, a glance, a flash, you -the lady will feel something, unusual or you can read the full message right away. Your heart catches the meaning he is trying to talk with you even long before your brain operation’s start.

Your friends might translate this look, too. It seems that eyes could not stop sending the message to you, with or without your attention. Or it can be said that: whatever you do and don’t do, directly or indirectly interacted with him, such look is still on work like a robot, non-stop, finding you and feeling your essence is its’ task. Poor him! Now, his eyes are bound to you. Only looking at you is enough for his cheerfulness. [Read more: 7 Tips On How To Make Eye Contact With A Guy Without Looking Weird]

2. He Makes Use Of Possibility To Be In Contact With You

To be with you is his priority. If he is lucky, logic and reasonable reasons will be there for his convenient contact with you. If not, illogical ways will be used to a final target: approach you. It is a kind of addition. For example, your voice sounds like ‘lovely candy’ taste to him in spite of the differently figure. He shall call you even just to say: “Hi, I just call to say: Hi!”, or in some cases, ‘zero’ sound is heard for long time before his mumble arose.

This point channel me to a story at my school age: There was a boy at my class. We built a nice friendship in a group of 7. One day, we all agreed to come to his house, for a party or something. Standing in front of the door, I suddenly had an idea to tease him. So, instead of ringing the doorbell, I called his name and quickly hid myself behind the wall nearby. The door opened almost right way. Few seconds in silence, I heard nothing except the sound created by group; not long after, his voice was heard in hurry and strange accent, asking about me. It was surprised to me with that reaction, and a satisfaction arose immediately: “He likes me!” I thought, “A gentle sign he can’t resist you, dear me!” And that was how our relationship slightly changed toward another color. [Read more: 12 Foolproof Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You]

3. He Pays Attentions To Your Concerns

Depends on each man’s sensitivity; he shall let you know his caring in different ways. However, he cares for your concern, which is for sure. Because when he truly bears your image in his heart, you will be a part of his pain or happiness. Your pain will be his pain somehow. If you face some stress at work, he shall get it very soon; nevertheless, he might not interpret into right name right away.

4. He Invites You To Be In His World: His Hobby, Friends, Family

“I like gym”, ‘Pirate 5’ is one of my favorite film”… he is sharing his likes and dislikes to you. This might not popular to some introverted guys at first, but later on, with time and his feeling to you; the introvert will turn to be even more open if the woman is the right one for him.

The deeper he is into you, the wider his world he shall open to you. He might take you to his close friends on a Sunday. “Hey, this is Ian. We know each other since the kindergarten age”. And Ian here and now says things like Ian is the person you know, not him. Obviously, he could not stop talking about you to people he knows. He wants everyone knows about you.

If he wants to introduce you to his family … That is a clear signs he can’t resist you.

One windy morning, you both are walking side by side along the street, and he shares with you a visualization in which you appear as a main character there, of course that has good details. No wonder more, he is dreaming of future in which you and he are always together. [Read more: 12 Sure-Fire & Subtle Signs He Is The Right Guy For You]

5. He Cannot Put The Desire To Make You Happy Aside

He does things for you, despite the fact that some alteration should be made in his normal routine. Why’s that? Simply, doing so brings smiles to his heart. Making you happy means he is happy. The link is created into his behavior now.

Are there any above signs he can’t resist you in the relationship? How many? The more are there, the more certainty he can’t resist you. And the question is: Are you ready for love level of the relationship. Because, above all, the real love always starts from inside first. How ready you are!