18 warning signs he doesn’t like you back romantically

You may have read a lot of articles about signs he likes you, but not many about signs he doesn’t like you. In general, men usually give specific signs that they are not interested in something or someone else. You are interested in your crush, but how you do know if they like you or not? It could be confused for you to ask your crush if he is interested in you or not. When it comes to attraction, there are many signs of attraction that people, both men and women, show when they are interested in each other. By observing some body language signs and general behaviors of the object, you could define on if he likes you or not.

Actually, there is nothing worse than not knowing whether or not a man likes you and this feeling is not exclusive to women. Here from WikiYeah.com will cover a list of top signs he doesn’t like you. Read thoroughly and see if any seem familiar!

18 Big Signs He Doesn’t Like You More Than A Friend

Signs he doesn't like you

1. He Doesn’t Make Any Effort To Be Around You

Among signs he doesn’t like, this is very important. When a man wants something, he will try to go after it. If he does not spend time with you, hanging around you or making any excuse to be around you, he may be not interested in you.

Men are not fools. If your crush wants you, he understands that he has to spend time with you to get closer to you. Hence, if he does not hang out with you or he does not go after you, then it means that he doesn’t like you.

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2. He Doesn’t Listen To You And Doesn’t Remember What You Tell Him

We remember things that are important to us. The same goes for your crush. Because the human brain has just a limited capacity for memory, your brain will edit the parts that it claims are not important, whilst remembering the things that are important. That is the reason why you remember the first date from many years ago in detail, but cannot remember what you ate at the last Saturday evening.

In general, if a person decides something is important to him, then he will remember it. Hence, if he is interested in you, he will be subconscious about it and it will make him automatically remember what you say. But, if he does not remember what you said, or even does not listen to you, it means that he is not interested in you. Despite there will be an exception, 99% of the time, if he likes you more than a friend, he will listen to you and remember things you told him.

3. He Doesn’t Return Your Calls Or Texts

Another one in this list of signs he doesn’t like you is his lateness of returning your texts or calls. It has been a few hours after you texted or called him and you are sitting for his response to your calls or text. If you have cancelled a lot of plans due to this behavior of him, apart from many other potential plans which you planned on your mind, then he might not be interested in you.

4. He Is Always In A Hurry When Being Around You

It does not matter that it is dinner time or a date to the cinema, he seems busy when being around with you. He does not have enough patience to wait for the end credits to complete whilst going to the cinema. The problem is you do not know where he will go. Perhaps, it is because family, work, or friends, but the fact is he is not interested in your feelings so much.

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5. He Never Compliments You

You have a new hair cut and your crush does not notice. You wore a new sexy dress and he does not care. If he hardly or even never compliments you or appreciates your effort to be better in front of you, he seems not interested in you.

6. He Doesn’t Hesitate To Talk About Other Women In His Past

This is another signal among many signs he doesn’t like you. He takes pleasure in relating the romantic memories between him and his exes. He does not bother about your feelings when talking about their qualities. He talks about other women in his past and current life with lots of affection which makes you wondering about the real relationship between them. If you are in this case, it is one of signs he doesn’t like you.

7. He Never Pays Attention To Your Flirty Cues

You keep sending cues about what turn-ons for you are but he never gets them. Although how often you let him see it, he does not have any clue. Perhaps, he does not want to take catch them as he is not interested in you.

8. He Agrees With All What You Say

Smiles are great but too much smiles will make you wonder if they are real. If he never argues or questions you, then he may not pay attention to your stuffs. If you do not want to be involved in this drama, then it is better to not see him anymore.

9. He Does Not Care About Whom You Are Going With

You can make a test with him to see if he likes you or not. Just simply tell him that a handsome man has invited you to a date with him. Obviously, you do it in order to make him jealous but in reality, he seems not to bother about it. If that tip does not work, then you should ignore him.

10. He Keeps Talking About Himself

This may be among subtle signs he doesn’t like you that you may not notice a lot. He continually talks about himself, be it about his friends, his job, or his family. You can remember even the brother of his colleague at work but he cannot remember where you work for. Not mention that this is a sign of being selfish, it also warns that he doesn’t like you.

11. He Always Plans For Hangouts With A Group Of Friends Instead Of With You

You are happy about the plan of getting cozy at the weekend, but it suddenly stops when he asked you to have a traveling trip with his colleagues. If this or something similar keeps happening in your relationship, then it is a sign of friend zone and you should stop thinking going further with him.

12. He Doesn’t Remember What You Like And Dislike

Does he bring you to a restaurant in which they serve the dish you hate or are allergic with? Either he is very forgetful, or more specifically, he is not ready to put an attempt into the relationship. He does not like you enough to remember what you like and dislike. In such case, you should stop this relationship as this is one of main signs he doesn’t like you.

13. He Avoids Topics About Commitment, Love, Or Marriage With You

He can be one of people who do not want to mention to words like commitment, love, or marriage. However, if he was committed with another person the past but tries to avoid those topics with you, maybe he does not see you as a life partner. This is one of fool-proof signs he doesn’t like you. Just move on!

14. He Shows His Interests To Other Women Comfortably

Perhaps, he and you often talk with each other on a regular basis. If he talks to you about other women comfortably and casually, it is a like that he is not into you.

A man may talk about hot girls, and it could be innocent in some cases. But, if you notice that he not only talks about other women, but also talks about being interested in a girl not on physical levels, it is a sign he doesn’t like you.

15. His Negative General Behaviors

The negative body language cues include positioning his body away from you, avoiding the eye contact with you, or not joining the conversation with you, not smiling upon talking to you or not showing active attention to what you say, maintaining the distance from you, or looking around when you talk. It is obvious that he is not focused on you.

16. There Is No Difference Between The Way He Talks To You And Others

Do you realize any difference between the way he talks to you and other people? Does he use casual tone of voice? When a man is interested in a woman, there will be a slight difference in the way he communicates with her. However, it can be subtle and you will not notice it. There can be a special type of attention that he doesn’t extend in general.

If he does not show any of such things, chances are he is not likely interested in you.

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17. He Flirts With You And Other Women, Too

Many women are confused when men blow hot and cold. He got your number and had a great conversation with you, but nothing more. The problem is that this man flirts with almost every woman. This is the way he behaves. If you are meeting such guy, reconsider about going further with him. And, one more tip for looking for a good boyfriend is that you should pay attention to how he interacts with other people in general, not just with you.

18. He Does Not Respect You Or Ignores You

If a man regularly ignores you, or puts you down or disrespects you, then you should move on. You deserve to be behaved in the better way. Once you notice patterns like this, then what you should do is to get out of it.

To sum up, life does not always go as what we plan for. Sometimes, we cannot get what we want, and we do not appreciate what we have. If after reading this list of signs he doesn’t like you and now you are sure that he doesn’t like you, you can go ahead and ask him questions that lurk in your mind. Love, in fact, is not easy, but also not difficult. Just simply look around and you will find many reasons that make you happy. Despite love is beauty, it is not the only thing in this life for you to exist. It is just one among others that fill the whole picture. Hence, if the relationship between you and someone does not work out, just simply let it go and move on.