13 Foolproof Signs He Is Emotionally Unstable

After the dating period, it will be great if you and he develop a relationship. However, his desire to have a “boosted” relationship does not mean he is completely ready for your relationship. Maybe your relationship is not really stable yet. You are still worried about your status as well as your relationship with him.

Here are 13 tips to help you determine if your partner is really mature enough for a serious relationship or not, or we can call “13 signs he is emotionally unstable”. Take a look from WikiYeah.com!

13 Warning Signs He Is Emotionally Unstable

Signs he is emotionally unstable

1. He Does Not Want To “Make A Name” For Your Relationship

The first sign of “13 signs he is emotionally unstable” I want to talk about is the name of the relationship. Yes, if he does not want to make a name for your relationship, it means that you and him are still like lovers, but not called each other’s lover. He brings you ambiguity, a relationship that cannot be called. This proves that he is not really ready for this love story.

2. He Is Not Definitive With His Old Love

This is terrible! How can you love someone with the thought that you are the only filler for him to heal the wounds after parting? If he is ready for a new relationship, it means he has to put an end to everything related to his ex-lover, so you will not be affected or feel insecure.

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3. He Always Listens To His Mother

Yes, there is nothing wrong when a man respects and loves his mother. But it would be wrong for him to do everything under his mother’s control. That means he is not really mature enough and has no personal opinion. Do not you also want to love a guy who always listens to his mother?

4. He Shows Jealousy Too Much

Sometimes jealousy is good, because if he loves you, he will not want you to be too intimate or talk too much with other guys,…, and he gets jealous when you do that. But if he always uses rule words that are disparaging to you, then you definitely need to stay away from him. Because he does not love you, he loves himself so much and he cannot stand the feeling of being “horny”! [Read more: 12 Subtle Signs He is Intimidated By You]

5. He Does Not Care About You Personality

The other sign among “13 signs he is emotionally unstable” is that he does not care more about your personality. Maybe he says he wants your relationship to “level up,” but make sure he knows the personal things about you such as your hobby, hate, excellence, fitness, or favorite foods … And if he does not care these things at all, do not talk about love. He is not serious about you.

6. He Changes His Attitude Constantly

He behaves like your real boyfriend. And soon after, he remembered that he was not prepared to enter into a formal relationship. And he “fixes his mistake” by avoiding you a few days.

7. He Never Introduces You To His Family Or His Friends

Saying this is not because he is afraid that his parents or his friends will not like you or be not happy about you. The thing he is really afraid of is that you will misunderstand that he has long-term intentions with this love. Then you will be extremely distressed to realize that: “I never really hearted you”.

8. Your Dates Are Only “Unexpected” And Do Not Usually Last Long

If he says he misses you and suddenly stands in front of your house at 10pm, do not believe it, maybe his plan A is broken and you will obviously be his plan B.

9. He Does Not Want To Think About Your Future Relationship

When it comes to signs he is emotionally unstable, this might be a subtle one. Before questions about the future of the relationship, he is always hesitated and uncertain. For example, he cannot say when he is going to introduce you to his family or when he is going to marry you. He always avoids talking about this topic. That will help you understand that his feelings have faded.

10. Awkwardly Courting The Other Girls

If you have a sincere affection for a man, he will not “catch many hands” flirting with other people. On the contrary, if he casually talks, says, or even jokes closely to other girls without paying attention to your attitude, then surely this is a sign he is not really stable in terms of emotions.

11. He Doesn’t Always Ask For Your Opinion

When a man loves you so much, he will want to hear your opinion in everything, it does not mean that he is afraid of you. He is appreciate with your opinions and wants to combine your and his opinions. So if a man who doesn’t ask for your opinion anytime, always does whatever he want, I can sure that he is not your man. [Read more:12 Signs He is The Right Guy for You]

12. His Finance Or His Work Is Unstable

Money does not buy happiness, but it is the means to bring happiness. For most men, he cannot forever drown in a mess of unpaid bills. This will affect his thoughts about love. In turn, his feelings will be fluctuating or become unstable in such situations. [Read more: 12 Foolproof Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You]

13. He Only Thinks Of You When He Feels Sad

The last sign of “13 signs he is emotionally unstable” is that he usually only remembers you when he feels sad. Yes, every time when he feel happy, he goes to drink coffee, or have small parties, … with his friends. It’s only when he has a hard time, or feels sad but no one is beside him, he’s calling you. Truth me, it’s a selfish man. He does not really love you.