5 Warning Signs He Is Having Second Thoughts About You

Relationships are different and unique; therefore, there are no general rules and guidelines for every couple. It is because relationships are composed of different people who are diverse. A relationship is surrounded by complications and it is not easy to define anything specific. Thus, relationships vary from case to case and are not perfect. You are in a relationship, and from deep inside, you know that your partner still loves you, but you also feel something different in the way he sees you. Your gut tells that there is something off in your relationship. To help you figure out whether or not your partner is having second thoughts about you and your relationship, read on this checklist on WikiYeah.com!

Signs He Is Having Second Thoughts About You To Watch For

signs he is having second thoughts about you

1. When Being With You, They Just Stick Their Eyes On Their Cellphones

If your partner seems to have their eyes stick on their phones when being with you, they might not want you to sense their strange feelings for you so they look for some distractions. Instead of pinpointing the problems, they try to ignore them.

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2. There Is An Emotional And Physical Distance Between You Two

If you find that there is a distance between your partner and you, either emotionally or physically, it is one of signs he is having second thoughts about you. You still feel the need to share your day’s nitty-gritties or still want to discuss with him about what has been going in your day, but he seems to ignore all, then your suspect can be true.

This is especially true when it comes to physical intimacy. Physical intimacy is very crucial in modern relationships. If your own level of physical intimacy has reduced significantly, and hugs, kisses, cuddles, and massage or any other romantic stuff has been taken a back seat in your relationship, then your relationship is at the edge.

3. Changes In Daily Routine

Another red flag in regard to signs he is having second thoughts about your relationship is changes in his daily routine. Take this as a warning sign when you notice that he starts making change in his daily lifestyle, and no longer cares about spending time with you. He does not mind doing something that he has not done in the past, like going for late-night parties without you or working extra hours. He seems to prefer spending his weekends with his new social circle and all other things have become his priority except for you. It implies you are not a priority in his life.

4. Changes In Behaviors

One of clear signs he is having second thoughts about you is the changes in his behaviors. He has become defensive about your behaviors. Anything you do does not satisfy him or even makes him angry.

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5. No More Discussion About Future Plans

If there is no longer discussions between the two of you about when to get married or how to spend the rest of your life with each other, then he might have second thoughts about the relationship with you. His future planning may not include you.

Do you have any signs when someone has second thoughts about the relationship? If yes, share with us at the bottom!