Do you realize 17 signs he is in love with you truly madly deeply?

5. Introduce You To His Friends

When a guy really respects the relationship with a girl, he will introduce that girl to his friends. A man in love is not scared to introduce his girlfriend to friends. He knows that no matter what other people think, they are about to see how happy he is and immediately lover her (most of the time). Hence, if you are about to meet his friends, then that is absolutely one of the first signs he is in love with you. [Read: how to make your boyfriend happy]

6. Want You To Meet His Family Members

After friends, family members are next. Normally, men will not bring home any girl to their family members, especially mom and dad. In case your guy introduces you to his parents, of course, it is a big sign he loves you, and he can be getting ready to admit it.

7. Text You First

If you guy is continually calling you and texting you first, you are keep his heart deeply. He actually cares about you. There are men out there who do not leave their girlfriend sweet texts during their working day or in the middle of a party, so they will see it in the upcoming morning. If your man does that, he is in love with you. [Read: tips to get a guy to text you back without being annoying]

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