Do you realize 17 signs he is in love with you truly madly deeply?

8. Make You Laugh

As falling in love, it is not something that should be stiff and boring all of the time. You should and deserve to have fun and let loose. If your man makes you smile and laugh, making you feel special, then he might be going to be the guy that ends up at the end of the aisle for you! [Read: how to make your man want to marry you]

9. Spend His Time With You

If a man does not feel such a special feeling when around you and really is not into you, he might not want to spend his time with you. If your guy is constantly looking for time to be close to you, he might be in love. Whether it is quick seeing you for lunch or just popping over so he could spend time with you, you should make sure that you also return the favor and spend your time with him too.

10. Feel A Little Jealous

In reality, it is entirely normal if a guy feels a little jealous in some specific situations as long as it is not too intense, as most of the time if a guy is jealous, that means he has special feelings for you. That is something that he does unconsciously and inadvertently, yet it gives you, as a girl, a hint into what is really feeling! [Read: how to make a guy jealous]

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