Do you realize 17 signs he is in love with you truly madly deeply?

14. He Is Protective

The next one in this list of signs he is love with you is that he tries to protect you in many cases. Usually, when a man is actually protective about your own well-being, that means his feelings and emotions for you are very strong. If you hang out with your friends or go on a trip by yourself till late and he gives you a call after getting home and then could relax after knowing that you are sound and safe, he surely falls in love with you, even when he could not admit that by himself. [Read: how to be approachable to guys]

15. He Could Not Stay Mad At You

If you man could not stay mad at you for more than several hours, then it is the sign of love. People, in general, and men, in particular, who are in love, could not stay mad at each other for long time without regretting it. Therefore, if he makes the initial move to make up with you or to apologize even when he is not wrong, he cares about and even loves you.

16. He Values The Opinion From You

If your guy values your opinion and anything that you say, it is a sign he loves you and values you as a whole. You could make sure of that if you see him asking for your own idea before making a big decision or talking to you about what is bothering him. Though it is not a big sign, yet it can expose a lot. [Read: how to increase sex drive in men and women]

17. Say “I Love You”

Eventually, the last but biggest sign he loves you is the saying “I Love You”. When a guy admits that he loves you, then that is when you can know for sure that he does. Normally, if a man tells his girlfriend that he loves her, it is rather a big deal for him. Men have a hard time expressing their emotions and feelings, bear that in mind.

Well, now as you could see, spotting some sure signs he is in love with you is not an easy thing, yet if you pay attention, you will be able to tell the precise moment when he really falls for you. Do you have any specific signs that a guy falls into love with someone? DO you have a guy that you are waiting for the saying “I Love You” to? Share your ideas and stories with us below.
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