10 Early and Clear Signs He Is Manipulative

 When God created human beings, he did not forget to create also intimate relationships between human beings. The distant and close relationships create different emotions in each of us. And love is also a very important relationship for most of us. It is a relationship that goes through many ups and downs of emotion, bittersweet…Love is a series of emotions, psychological states, and different attitudes that range from personal feelings to delight. When you fall in love with him, you feel like he is manipulative as well as when the two hearts are in the same beat, the emotions blend together. Those relationships always make our lives more meaningful and interesting.

Love, between men and women, is defined as “the consequence of the combination of human instincts and intellect”. Love is often a strong attraction and the desire to be bound, attached. However, when we grasp something more and more, the more painful. Both of us share, listen and care to each other. When a guy does not understand you or is indifferent to you, it is one of signs he is manipulative. Here are some red flags warning that you should pay more attention to that relationship. Check out on WikiYeah.com!

Top 10 Warning Signs He Is Manipulative To Watch For

Signs he is manipulative

1. He Always Wants To Know What Are You Doing

In love, when he starts to love, he often texts you to check what you are doing?  Where are you going? Or with whom? We think it was a sweet habit at first, but gradually, when he controls you too much leads to over-restrictive interest that makes us feel bothered and restless because everyone needs to be respectful of what they do and also their freedom. This also a sign he is emotional unstable to watch for.

2. You Feel Like He Is Constantly Judging You

There is no one perfect in every way, so your partner is. He also has good habits and bad habits. If he always criticizes and scrutinises your daily routine, then he may be manipulative in your relationship. For example, when you are tired after a week of continuous work you need to rest and relax a bit more to regain lost energy before. Friends around you said that it was a simple habit but he said that you are lazy. It is one of signs he is manipulative. [Read more: 5 Valuable Lessons to Deal with Judgmental People]

3. He Knows Your Weaknesses And Uses Them Against You

When he falls in love, he often explores and learns about himself. Also, he gradually knows more about you, he knows both your strengths and weaknesses. When he loves, he will love both your strengths and weaknesses. But, if he uses your weakness to threaten you and force you to listen to him, I think you should consider if he is manipulative or not? He knows that you are so scared of being alone in the evening so he is willing to leave you alone even when that makes you nervous and unsettled. Finally, you have to find him in order to feel safer and do what he wants with you.

4. He Never Accepts To Hearing From You

When couples are in the process of getting to know each other, conflicts can happen frequently. But he never listened to your personal opinion or listened to you explanation about what happened? He is always conservative and defaults to being right and forcing you to follow him. This is considered one of clear signs he is manipulative. [Read more: 13 Big Signs You are the Sensitive One in the Relationship]

5. He Talks To You About Other Girls, Outright

Sometimes, in a romantic relationship, partners can mention other opposite-gender people in conversations. However, your partner seems to always remind another girl when he is by your side. This is pointless when he does not care about you but to mention a girl that you do not like at all. One nice day, you two are dating and suddenly he mentions to his ex and compares you with her. He thinks that you do not care about him and do not understand him like her. That will make you disappointed and have to rethink whether or not the relationship should continue.

6. He Does Not Give You Much Time To Decide

If you are not in the middle of a time-sensitive situation, there is often time to think carefully things through prior to making a big decision. Thus, you should be aware of people who put pressure on you for an answer, particularly if money gets involved. By using control and tension on you, it is hoped that you will empower the right of deciding on those people. If you partner is such type of people, then he may be manipulative. [Read more: 10 Obvious and Subtle Signs He Respects You in Your Relationship]

7. They Undermine Your Confidence

This is a classic form of manipulation as nobody is more malleable than someone with no confidence. That is why those manipulators will be ready do whatever they could in order to knock you down, and make you feel invaluable or less-than. Actually, emotional manipulators often seek out the vulnerabilities in other people to exploit them. They might both consciously and unconsciously create the relationships with those who are the most vulnerable and willing to be taken control of. Watch your partner and see if he has such sign or not. If yes, it is a clear among warming signs he is manipulative.

8. He Treats You The Silent Treatment

When it comes to signs he is manipulative, this is an early sign. If you have been treated with silence, you know how manipulative could be. The silent treatment is considered a head game in which silence is often used as a kind of leverage. It works. Because your partner has firmly planted himself in a site of power, it is totally normal to feel that you do not have any choice but have to end the madness by depending on them. [Read more: 11 Tips on How To Avoid Awkward Silences]

9. He Pretends To Be Concerned

In is a very subtle signal among signs he is manipulative because it involves fake emotions and feelings. He will show some fake concern for your health and well-being, all in an attempt to undermine your confidence and decisions.

10. He Plays Dumb

Sometimes, he plays dumb to get out of things. He might act as if he does not understand what you say or request, thereby letting himself off the hook. In other times, he might pretend to not understand your sayings as a way of shaking your confidence. This often happens in children who use this tatic to delay, stall, and manipulate parents or other adults into doing for them what they do not want to do. But, it also happens in some grown-ups when they have a certain thing to hide, or obligation that they wish to avoid. If your partner does this, he is manipulative.

In short, our lives still have so many relationships that are necessary for us. Relationships can be attached to us throughout our lives, relationships that may just close us in a short time. It gives us different emotions, different impressions. It teaches us how to live, how to treat each other and how to communicate. It helps our souls to be more romantic and mature in the way of life. Love is no exception – the most emotionally. I think a relationship built on trust and respect will always be appreciated and last a long time. Respecting for the lover, it is to respect yourself.  I think, lovers need a shoulder to lean on when tired, a hand embrace that embraces each other without demanding any promise about the future. Side by side, lovers are being together to listen to the rhythm of breathing evenly in the slow stream of time. Our life, sometimes it takes a few minutes to live so slowly, to be more alert, to be clearer and to love each other more.