12 sure-fire & subtle signs he is the right guy for you

Finding Mr. Right is a blessing and takes time. Not all of us can find our soul mate. You have to be lucky enough to meet your right guy. Despite we might wish to act solely on instinct – which could be useful in determining if he is the right one for us – it is crucial to give it some time before making any final decision.

We may spend our entire life on creating the perfect guy in our mind, yet sometimes when he is standing right in front of us, we even do not notice. Here, we from WikiYeah have collected some of the clear and subtle signs he is the right guy for you. Hence, if you find these great qualities in your guy, then do not lose him. Some information in this article is referred from Allwomenstalk and YourTango

12 Signs He Is The Right Guy For You – How To Know If He Is Worth Marrying

signs he is the right guy for you

1. You Are Yourself In Front Of Him

I think this is the most important in regard to signs he is the right guy for you. Good days or bad days, he understands who you really are and does not expect you to become anyone else but yourself. You are special by who you are, in his eyes. It is no need to pretend in front of that guy.

During your lazy times when all what you want to do is to lounge on the sofa in stained sweatpants and not say any words, he understands it because he is right there with you. You could completely be yourself – no matter what mood you are in.

2. He Is Honest

If he is honest with you about everything, he likes to share his plans, likes, dislikes, and issues with you. Also, he never tries to hide his texts or phone calls from you. Once he is honest in most possible ways, then it is a sign you are not wasting time on him.

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3. He Respects You

Respect, one of the most fundamental ingredients in any healthy relationship, is required in a potential lifetime partner. Hence, if he has a respectable attitude towards you, then he is your guy. Don’t miss him.

4. He Is Sensitive To Your Feelings

If he remembers everything about you, and is not harsh towards you if you make any mistake, then it is one of sure-fire signs he is the right guy for you. If he always sensitive and sympathetic to your feelings and emotions, he patiently listen to your voice, he is the exact guy to get married.

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