10 obvious & subtle signs he respects you in your relationship

Everybody deserves to be respected. It is crucial in any type of relationship. You could not possibly love someone without truly respecting them and nobody would like to be in a relationship where they are not respected or truly valued.

Like everything else, the way your guy acts around you and how he treats you will absolutely tell you if he respects you or not. Actually, it is not difficult to trigger a discussion on this one. Either he has any regard for you, or he does not. In case he does not, your sense of worth will tell you to walk away. Just hear your own voice!

This article from Wikiyeah.com exposes to you some clear and subtle signs he respects you. Some information in this entry is referred from YourTango and Cosmopolitan. Take a look!

10 Ways He Shows His Care For You – Signs He Respects You

Signs he respects you

1. Your Opinion Matters To Him

When it comes to signs he respects you, this is the most appreciated. Be it regarding what to put on, whether to apply a certain job or not, trouble with family or friends or anything else, you are the one he finds advice in. His decisions are still his, yet what you say still counts. He considers your opinions, even when he is not doing according to your suggestions. Again and again, he does the things you say.

2. He Agrees To Disagree

What is “Agree to disagree”? It is something like you do not see him working up about any difference in terms of opinion. He respects your points of view and your individuality. Even if his opinions are opposite to yours, it does not bother him much. He does not try to change your own mind about anything just in order to be in line with him. He is patient with you and tolerates the disagreements. He literally appreciates the differences between two of you, like the similarities.

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3. He Does Not Try To Dictate You

Another subtle signs he respects you is lying on his behaviors to you. When he is there for when you need, keeps you from making wrong choices, or helps you with something, he still does not try to tell you the way to live your own life. Just simply, he gives you the necessary space to make your choices and decisions, to do most things the way you want to do. He does not try to take your problems in his hands. This is not because he does not care about you, but because he respects and trust you to be able to taking care of yourself as well as things in your life.

4. He Does Not Get Jealous When You Are Outside Without Him

This may be the clearest one in this list of signs he respects you. He is not constantly checking your messages or phone calls. He does not get jealous or worry about whom you meet or where you go. He is confident enough in the relationship with you and much more importantly, he respects and trusts you. You could go anywhere on your own, even if there will be other men, your man will not be bothered. He understands how important a personal life is and considers how you both have your own lives, colleagues, friends, and family. You do not have to constantly prove your loyalty to him.

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