10 Big Signs He Wants To Kiss You

How can you know if he wants to kiss you? And you are dying for a kiss from his mouth, but he still has not leaned against you. “Does he want to kiss you?” That is such a big question even though it is not really complicated to find the answer for it. But a man gives many signs that he wants to kiss a girl before he does it. And here are some signs he wants to kiss you that we from WikiYeah.com want to reveal to you.

Top 10 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You

Signs he wants to kiss you

1. He Looks At You A Lot In Your Mouth

If he keeps paying attention to your mouth when he is speaking, he is likely to kiss you. And in this case, he shall be calm and he may be afraid you deny him the kiss. That the guy you like looks you in the eye and then to the mouth as you speak, probably makes you nervous and anxious, but it is a good sign. What you should do now is enjoying the moment and enjoying the sexy kiss.

2. Shortened Distances

This is surely the most obvious signal among signs he wants to kiss you. If you and he are sitting in an armchair, and he is trying to approach you in as close distance as possible. And his arms are likely to put around you or he takes your hair from your face. You probably know what is going to happen then, don’t you? Let’s taste the sweetie kiss that you deserve.

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3. Touching His Lips

If he does not make an eye contact, you should pay attention to his lips. When he touches his lips or plays with them, it will be his subconscious that is speaking. When we want some part of our body to be touched, we subconsciously touch it, so if he speaks and touches his lips, or wet them, or bites his lower lip, it is because he may want to kiss you.

4. Pauses In His Conversation

If you are having a conversation with that guy and he makes a pause, it is an excellent opportunity to find out if he really wants to kiss you or not. How do you find out? Kiss him yourself. Many men like the woman to take initiative and by making the pause and looking at his mouth, this will create the opportunity for a kiss. But if there are awkward pauses, you had better think twice.

5. Gazing Upon Your Eyes

When your man continuously looks at your eyes and smiles, it is definitely one of signs he wants to kiss you as he is investigating the proper time to start his honeyed journey on your lips.

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6. Generous Compliments

None of the men on earth will be miserable his compliments for his dearest. He may concentrate on the little things on your body such as the attractive necklace or your charming perfume smell. He seems to like what he sees. You are gorgeous in his eyes and he is attempting to kiss you.

7. Flirting Guy

First of all, you should eliminate the image of a lady-killer out of your mind. Every guy has different ways of flirting but there is one sign that you can count on is touching. If he keeps finding the way to touch your elbow, your hand, your cheeks and that means he is trying to tell you he is into you. There is no need to be scared of these actions and you should consider this as the romantic and must-have actions as he wants to kiss you.

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8. Fresh Breath

This seems to be the polite one when it comes to signs he wants to kiss you. This happens if both of you have finished your meal, and he uses chewing gum right away or when you guys are going on a date and he chews the chewing gums all the time. Because he does not want to irritate you by the annoying smells of food in his mouth and he can kiss you anytime he wants. No one wants to be paused or encounter such awkward moments when kissing.

9. Changing Subjects

For example, if you and him are talking about a joke and he suddenly changes the subject in to the romantic ones and does not come back to the previous subject, it is a bet that he is arranging a plan to kiss you sooner or later.

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10. Romantic Music

If you two are going on a date in a room and he is initiatively in charge of changing the music audio in this room, for example, he switches on the romantic jazz music of love or song without lyrics, it means that he is tempting to let you know what he is going to prepare for a perfect kiss and hoping to receive your cooperation.

From your own experiences in relationships, what other signs he wants to kiss you? Share with us below this post!