10 signs he wants to marry you soon: sure-fire & subtle clues

Understanding a woman is hard, at least in regard to relationships. Similarly, it is also rather troublesome to know if a man too loves or wants to marry a woman.

You are a woman being in love with a great man who is responsible, kind, and even amazing in bed as well. You also adore him. Also, your family and friends think that you two are perfect for each other. Yet, now, the idea in your mind is that if he wants to marry you or not. That idea promotes you to keep looking for the signs he wants to marry you soon in someday. Of course, if you want to marry finally, you would have to check where or not the man you are in relationship with also thinks like you.

In order to find out if a man wants to marry you or not, use 10 signs below to check out – collected by Wikiyeah.com!

Signs he wants to marry you

1. He Uses “We”

If you man often uses “we” in conversation when referring to you and him as a couple, then he might want to marry you soon. Though it is only a pronoun, its context and usage could indicate that he is strongly involved with you, at least in his mind. A lot of married couples make use of “we” whenever they are mentioning about themselves.

For example, when a friend asks your boyfriend about this holiday plans, he might response that, “We are thinking of….” The statement like this will show that when he plans something, you are also included.

2. He Does Not Hide You

If you see your man does not hide anything from you, or shares almost every significant then it is among sure-fire signs he wants to marry you and you are a very important part of his life. In case he hides something, then it is seriously not a good sign for the relationship between the two of you. The more he shares, the more he shows that he feel proud to be with you.

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3. He Sticks To You

Sticking to you is another one in this list of signs he wants to marry you. However, this does not mean that he always sticks with you everywhere. It means that he is with you when you need, in your difficult times. When you notice that he is with you even in those difficult situations, it is sure that he does not want to date you only for fun. He shares those difficult moments that might come up in the future.

4. He Introduces You To His Family

If a man takes you his home and introduces you to his family members, then this is a big sign he wants to marry you. Men who take their girlfriend home are absolutely serious about their relationship. And, if his family welcomes you no matter how big or small their social gathering is, this proves your relationship is on the right direction and he is serious about marrying you.

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