15 Clear Signs He Will be Clingy in a Relationship

Being in love is great but what if your boyfriend is too clingy on you? Your relationship can easily becoming a disaster and resulting in many consequences. So in order to have a healthy relationship, it is of significant importance to understand and avoid a clingy man. This becomes more important if you are an independent woman, meaning that you should be on high alert for a man who exhibits some signs below. Here are 15 clear and subtle signs he will be clingy in a relationship – collected by WikiYeah.com!

15 Signs He Will Be Clingy – How To Recognize A Clinger

Signs he will be clingy

1. Keeps On Sending You Messages

It seems that he cannot help but texting you for the whole time even you two have just met 10 minutes ago. He is desperately in need of knowing your current situation. Sometimes when you are busy with your stuff and cannot answer the phone or reply the text; your inbox is full of messages containing questions such as “Why didn’t you answer me?” or “Who are you with?”. Then calling back to him, you find out there is no serious problems, he just feels terrible when not receiving your response. This is one of the first signs he will be clingy.

2. Being Over Possessive

Your partner is jealous when you are around with a handsome or an attractive gentleman. In some cases; just a complimentary about your coworker or just an actor will make your man jealous. Moreover, he is not interested in when you are too close with other friends with different gender. He assumes that once surrounded by another man, you are easily affected and your relationship will be on edge.

3. Always Wants To Be Involved In All Of Your Things

Every time you make your own decision, he wants to be part of that. He makes comments about what your will wear, who you make friends with… etc. Hardly ever does he listen to your points, he just jumps into conclusion and considers his choices are made righteously. 

4. Assures Love With Him

You must assure your love for them constantly. The more you say you love them, the less. For every relationship, showing love is necessary but clingy partner demands this more than usual. “Do you love me?” is a question he asks always. A man who keeps seeking for assurance of love is surely a needy man.

5. Hates When You Go Out Without Him

He is unhappy in case he is not invited to your parties. He will be uncomfortable living alone while you are enjoying yourself. For most of clingy men, spending time alone is extremely difficult for him.

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6. Controls Your Phone As If It Were His

Normally, the man is not having curious characteristics. They do not pay too much attention to details. Clingy boy is an exception. He wants to know everything about your social life. Taking your phone, checking all the calls and messages and even browsing through medial channels are some actions that he just wants to dig deeper into your life.

7. Prefers Making Argument

When people in love, it is undeniable that fights are part of that. However, with a clingy man, the arguments happen more than expected. For small businesses like not replying message right off the bat or not saying good night are the reasons he can easily argue with you.  And it is that thanks to fights, he has the feeling that you need him. [1] [2]

8. Over Protected

He thinks you are easily vulnerable and need protection from him. That is why he is always trying to keep you safe in his unconditional love nest. Let take an example of a woman bartender having a boyfriend who follows her to the workplace to make sure no one can harm her. Additionally, he insists on taking and picking you to and from work. Not only does he think it is a safe way, but he also considers that time you two can spend together.

9. Not Having His Own Life

He spends time with you more than with his friends because he thinks that girlfriend is the sole person worth his time and others must get back. He pays too much focus and attention to you. At some points, he will lose his friends by the time passes or they will be annoying because he always brings you with.

10. Wants To Move Quickly

Your man is talking about the future so soon and already set up plans for the serious issues in his mind. When your partner tries to move things too quickly after a few dates, it is one of a signs he will be clingy. He doesn’t want to wait and instead makes an effort do things as soon as possible. He is desperately to be your man and to be exclusive. The man who is talking about the future so early and needs a woman by his side is usually a clingy man.

11. Dislikes Your Attractive Coworker

Another signal among signs he will be clingy in your relationship is this. It implies his jealousy when seeing you being around someone else who is particularly attractive, such as a coworker. That jealousy and clinginess often go hand-in-hand. If you find your partner is checking on you more often than ever when you are with a hottie, this is another signal to watch for. A clingy partner could keep a close eye on you to be certain that you do not do anything to betray them or break their trust.

12. Shows Too Much PDA

PDA stands for publicly displayed affections. The precious moments in a serious relationship start with the feeling of butterflies in your heart and hands. However, if your boyfriend wants to show this in public all the time, it means that he is a clingy partner.

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13. Gives You Too Many Gifts

All women like presents and gifts from their partners. Nonetheless, if he bombards you with many expensive gifts too frequently, and you feel like you are bribed, then it is one of signs he will be clingy in a relationship.

14. Be A People Pleaser

If your boyfriend dislikes confrontation and tries to please almost people around, it means his insecurity. If you want to have a long term relationship with him, then you need to tell him to change because it is one of signs he will be clingy.

15. Avoid Being A Decision Maker

If your boyfriend is not being independent enough to make his choices in life and depends on you most, it is among signs he will be clingy.  You need to share your life with someone who is mature enough to decide his life.

The 15 signs he will be clingy introduced above are just for your reference, you should not be overwhelmed by those. Instead, try to evaluate your boyfriend in a wise way to have a long term relationship. 

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