14 Warning Signs He Will Cheat In The Future

Are you engaging in a relationship? It is estimated that about 50 to 60% of married men engage in an affair (either physical or mental) during their relationship and 45-55% for married women. About 70% of the women who are being cheated on have no idea about it. Being in a relationship, especially the new one, you do not know if you should go further on the relationship or not. Please take your partner away when you see the following signs he will cheat in the future listed here. Check out on WikiYeah.com!

14 Must-Know Signs He Will Cheat In The Future

Signs he will cheat in the future

1. He Has The History Of Cheating

It is obvious that if you cheated in the past, you might cheat again. As a saying goes, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. So your partner cheated in the past, he could cheat on you in the future. It is an idea that you should find out if he has ever cheated by asking his friends cleverly. [See more: What To Do When Your Husband Cheats On You – 14 Useful Tips]

2. He is Introverted

If he is introverted, he centers himself and does not care and spend time with others. He tends not to share his feelings with others. So, you do not know what he is thinking now and what kind of the person he is, of course. He might cheat on you in the future.

3. His Family Members Are Cheaters

If his family members, including his parents, brothers and sisters are cheaters, he is likely to cheat as well. For example, if his father cheated on his mother, he learnt to cheat because he thought that is what men do. This is one of most popular signs he will cheat in the future.

4. He Doesn’t Respect His Mother

His mother is certainly important to him. If he has bad behavior with his mom, he will never behave well to any woman in his life. This is one of subtle signs he will cheat you in the future.

5. He Never Admits Any Mistake He Makes

If he never admits any mistake he makes and he always tries to avoid his responsibility, he is tended to cheat on you in the future. [Read more: Why Do Men Cheat And Lie: 20 Most Common Reasons]

6. You Are Not Allowed To See His Messages And Call History In His Phone

He always brings his phone wherever he goes, even when he goes to the bathroom. He does not want you to see his messages and call history in his phone even he gets angry if you see his mobile phone by chance. If your partner belongs to this type, he is likely to cheat on you.

7. He Gets Anxious And Angry Easily

Cheaters tend to be anxious and angry easily. They often worry that other people will find that they are cheating. Therefore, they are always in mood.

8. He Never Shares About His Past Relationships

Although he and you have started the dating for a long time, he never tells you about his past relationships. It is because that he is afraid that you can find out something bad things about him through his ex-girlfriends.

9. He Doesn’t Want To Be Seen With You

If your partner really loves you, he may wish to be with you every time. He would like everyone to know your relationship. This is his pride. Therefore, if your partner never introduces you to his family and friends or he refuses to take you to any parties with him, he will cheat on you in the future.

10. He Often Forgets Your Dating And Memories

He doesn’t remember what you did together last weekend, when your birthday is. Even he forgets that you are allergic to shrimps when you and he eat out. In other words, he doesn’t like you actually. It is also one of the signs he will cheat in the future. [Read more: 14 Warning Signs Your Partner Wants To Cheat On You]

11. He Never Commits You To A Marriage In The Future

Every time you suggest him coming to a marriage, he always ignores and brings many unsuitable reasons for his refusal. In fact, he doesn’t love you as you think. The guy of this type is likely to cheat on you.

12. You Are Not The Only One He Is Dating

You find that he is dating with other women while dating with you. It means that you do not play an important role in his heart. You are as the same as other women. He is dating with you because he just likes.

13. You Are Often Given So Expensive Gifts

If your partner often gives you expensive gifts, then he may think that they give you a lot and you are his possession. You won’t care if he cheats on you. He also feels no guilty of cheating on you.

14. He Avoids Complimenting Other Women When You Are With Him

When being asked if the girl over there is beautiful, he often hesitates to give his answer. He might hide something inside him. He is afraid that you can know his actual intentions. If a man is faithful, he feels free to talk to or compliment other women even you are with him. Because he is open to you and he doesn’t want to hide anything about his characteristics.

These are 14 signs helping you to know if your man will cheat you in the future. Going further in this relationship or not, it depends all on you.