14 Clear & Promising Signs He will Come Back After a Breakup

When it comes to breaking up, it is not easy for both partners. Two people involved in the relationship might be hurting, regardless of the person initiate the breakup. One of the biggest questions that run through your head might be: will he come back after a breakup? To be honest, it takes time to answer this question, but there are still signs he will come back after a breakup you can watch for. Just because he does not make it obvious to be with you, there are still signs he is still interested. It is up to you to either see these signs as good fortune or warning signs to do something to avoid your ex. Now, take a look at WikiYeah.com to see 14 clear and promising signs he will come back up after a breakup!

14 Clear and Subtle Signs He Will Comeback After A Breakup

Signs he will come back after a breakup

1. He Gets Mad When Seeing You With Another Man

Men are pack animals. When other men are doing something to flirt with their women – or who used to be their women, they will get territorial. Thus, if your ex happens to see you going hand-in-hand with another man and looks like he gets angry, then he may regret about the decision of breaking up with you.

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2. He Cannot Let It Go

Another signal among signs he will come back after a breakup is he dragging out the breakup. In fact, not every breakup was decide on with the clear mind and logical. Perhaps, the two people involved have gotten into a fight and one of them shouted out to decide to separate and the other agreed. Of course, there can be a reason for that fast decision, but after the anger has been passed off, they will replace that feelings with intimate affections for each other.

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3. He Tries To Connect With You

One of clear signs he will come back after a breakup is his effort of connecting with you. He is still eager to discuss with you about what went wrong in the relationship, why he did react in the ways he did, etc. Long texts and emails are sent to you in an effort to catch your attention. Chances are he may even let you know that he is not going to call or text anymore. He just tries to scare you that he will be gone once and for all.

Or, if he finds excuses to meet you, chances are he might want to come back with you. He calls you and asks when he could go to your home to take back some items that are still in your place, but they are just reasons for him to see you again.

4. He Contacts You More Often Than You Contact Them

In regard to signs he will come back after a breakup, this is a good sign (of course, it depends on you to decide if you want to get back with your ex or not). Despite the levels of communication will be differentiated among people, it is a good sign that your ex contacts you more often than you contact them. There are a lot of ways he could do so: calling, texting, emailing, showing or social networking. If your ex starts up more communication with you, take this as a clear sign they are still thinking about you.

When you are the person who initiates the contacting, then make sure that you have specific reason to do so. It will be hard, but you have to do something making him miss you and wonder why you do not contact them so often. As a result, this makes them contact you more.

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5. He Always Shows Up Where You Are

“Just walking by” seems to be frequent incident between your ex and you. If your ex pops up in the same place with you, this is a big sign he wants to keep an eye on you. “Accidentally” showing up where you are may also be a sign he is jealous or regret about breaking up with you.

6. He Cannot Look You In The Eye

This is one of the clearest signs he will come back after a breakup. To recognize this sign, pay attention to what your ex says as well as their behaviors. Through the way your ex behaves around, you can discover a lot of things. If you pay close attention to what your ex says and how he acts, you could tell how much he still feels for you. If during the conversations, he cannot look you in the eye, it might be a sign that he is afraid of being detected about how he really feels about you. Seeing you right in the eye makes your ex feels conflicted about the fact that you two broke up and he still has feelings for you. If he does not care about your anymore, he can easily have an eye contact with you. Avoidance means that your ex either regrets letting you go or does not know what to say with you. After all, this is a good sign for you if you want to get him back.

7. He Reminds You In His Social Media Channels

When you login your Facebook or Twitter account and see you ex has posted some memories about the two of you when you were in the relationship and you see him do it a few times so far. He might be hoping that you will like this.

8. He Tries To Put Down Any Man You Talk About

Whilst you are busy after breaking up and getting on with your normal life, your ex still initiates contact with you. And, whenever you mention about a certain man who impresses you or is special to you, he tries to put down them. This is another sign in this list of signs he will come back after a breakup.

9. He Apologizes For What Happened

He has made mistakes in the relationship with you and now he has taken full responsibility for them. After breaking up, he becomes clear and open about those mistakes with you, and sincerely apologizes. He says that he is trying to become a better man. That implies he is hoping that you could forgive for his mistake and take him back. Obviously, you should also pay attention to his actions and make sure that they are aligned with his talks.

10. He Travels Back To The Good Times

If your ex has transformed into the man you love – the man with whom you fell in love with, and displayed the qualities you appreciated, then it is one of signs he will come back after a breakup. A man who wants to get back with his ex will try to recall the happy times in the relationship while avoiding mentioning any of the bad times you guys experienced. That way, he hopes you can forget all the bad times as well as the solid reasons making you break up in the past.

11. He Talks To You Family And Friends

When it comes to signs he will come back after a breakup, this might be one of the clearest signs. Maybe, your ex has still been chatting or calling with your family members or best friends to maintain the connection with you indirectly. It might be a way he tries to get some information about how you live after breaking up with him. He will have no reason to talk to them if he does not have feelings for you. He wants to know whom you are dating with now, and if yes, he wants to make sure that there is an opportunity for the two of you to reunite before he really works up to ask you about that question. He wants to stay involved in your own world as much as possible.

Another possible reason why your ex still remains contact with your friends or family is that he might be trying to persuade everyone around you, and they will persuade you, as a result.

12. He Talks To You About His New Date

This might be among the most subtle signs he will come back after a breakup. If you have decided to become friends with your ex and so does he, then the conversation between he and you will probably soon be about his current relationship status. If he is currently in a relationship and if he wants to get back with you in the future, he may try to downplay that new relationship and sometimes makes the new date seem annoying.

13. He Comments On Your Social Media Updates All The Time

It can be shown through likes or comments. You could post an Instagram or Facebook posts which do not mean much, but your ex still comments on them, then you could be sure that he wants you come back. A person will not put time, attempt and energy if he does not have feelings for you. Of course, if his comments are weird or seem like he is getting jealous, that is another story. However, oftentimes, he will write positive comments.

14. He Asks About How Your Day Is

If your ex keeps asking about how your day is and even wants to have casual talks with you, it is one of signs he will come back after a breakup. He still thinks about you. Your ex will not care about your day unless he feels that way about you. After the breakup, you also have your life to live, goals to complete and a future to think about and so does he. But, if you find him trying to contact with you often in order to ask just innocent question about your day, you could be sure he wants you back.

So to answer your question whether or not he will come back after a breakup, we cannot really answer it, but hope that with these 14 definite and promising signs he will come back after a breakup have helped you figure out some of the answer. If you have any ideas about this topic, feel free to leave your comments below this post. We will feedback as soon as possible.