6 Big Signs He Will Leave His Girlfriend For You

There are so many “women in waiting” in relationship. Those women who are waiting, willing, and hopping that the man they are dating with, will leave their girlfriend for them. The questions: “Is he going to leave his girlfriend for men?”; “When is he going to leave her?” are some of common questions of such women. Of course, playing the second fiddle or hanging on sidelines is painful and needs lots of effort. Being the other woman towards an attached man (read: the cheater) is confused for women at first and it is tough then. It is often not a good idea to be involved in a relationship with a man who is attached, but sometimes, it is rather okay if you know that his relationship or marriage is ending. Obviously, it is difficult to know when he will leave his girlfriend for you. If you want to know the answer, take a look at 6 clear and subtle signs he will leave his girlfriend for you and build a new life with you here – from WikiYeah.com!

6 Clear and Subtle Signs He Will Leave His Girlfriend For You

Signs he will leave his girlfriend for you

1. He Frequently Chooses You Over His Girlfriend

Being in a relationship with a man who has not ended his marriage or relationship often comes with many types of complications, particularly if his girlfriend does not know that he is dating another woman. Married guys have many time commitments, it is even worse when he has kids. Your guy will not leave his girlfriend of wife for you if he does not really give you all of his free time. However, if he always chooses you over his girlfriend or everything else, then it is one of signs he will leave his girlfriend for you.

2. He Is Not Trying To Hide You In Public
The next one in this signs he will leave his girlfriend for you is that your guy does not hide when he goes out with you in public places. He does not care about what other people think or talk about your relationship. It is a signal that he wants to be with you in the long term. Oftentimes, men who have affairs feel hesitated when being in public with you till they really get ready to divorce or move or with you. [Read more: How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Lying Or Cheating You: 14 Signs ]

3. His Relationship Is Troubled

One of common excuse among guys who go for an affair is that their relationship or marriage has gotten bad. Such men will seek comfort in another woman who can “understand” their physical and emotional needs or simply because they no longer love their partners anymore. If the guy you are dating is actually unhappy with his current girlfriend or if he is stuck with a shrew, then maybe he will realize the essentiality of escaping from a loveless relationship. However, at the same time, perhaps he just uses the line merely to get your in bed. Thus, to find out if he will leave his girlfriend for you, you should use your personal common sense and check if his relationship or marriage is in trouble or he is just making excuses. You can look for the clues such as the excitement of your partner to come back home at the usual time though he said that he could stay with you for all night. [Read more: 12 Fool-proof Signs He Just Wants to Sleep With You]

4. He Does Not Play On Your Sense Of Self-Worth

When it comes to signs he will leave his girlfriend for you, this is a subtle one that you may overlook. Even when a guy might not have anything to stay for in his current relationship, he still wants to have a clandestine affair rather than getting divorce or being in true relationship with you. This is particularly true if your partner is a sociopath who might play on your own need for validating or your insecurities by triggering you feel as if you are more attractive than his current girlfriend or as that your life will not be fulfilled if not agreeing being with you (while the fact is that he just merely uses you for his emotional or sexual gratification). Thus, before deciding to be another woman in his relationship, you should ask yourself if you are dating him just because you do not want to live a lonely life or not. If the man really loves you, he will not use your relationship to blackmail you, but rather than, he will appreciate your attempts of trying to help him do the right thing. This sign is rather abstract, but it tells a lot if you can use it properly. [Read more: 8 Effortless Tips on How to Get a Guy Who Has a Girl Friend]

5. He Talks To You About Finances

In reality, getting divorced is costly. When your guy leaves his wife (if he married), alimony as well as support for children turns into main financial problems. If he is serious about leaving his wife for you, he will start discuss matters about finance with you and really look for ways in order to make the divorce come true. Nonetheless, be careful that he is not with you just for your money. [Read more: Do I love him? 16 signs you see a real future with him]

6. He Truly Cares About Your Feelings

For some men, they have affairs just because they want to experience something excited and new. If your guy wants to be intimate or romantic, then he might not be ready to leave his girlfriend for you. He just uses you to please his needs. If he wants to leave is girlfriend for you, then he must be committed to the relationship with you and satisfied with being or talking with you without intimate factors. So, if he shows the signs he cares about your feelings, then it is one of clear signs he will leave his girlfriend for you soon.

Above are some signs he will leave girlfriend for you, but you should ask yourself that even when he leaves his girlfriend, will he marry you? Consider the possibility that he might not wish to get involved in a serious relationship again (like a marriage). The financial and emotional consequences of the upcoming divorce might put off his effort of getting married with your in the future. In case you notice some of these signs in your relationship, it is not sure that he will leave his girlfriend for you once and for all. You could never celebrate till it really happens. You could encourage your man and offer him the ultimatums, but no one without him can make the final decision. In case you do not see any of these signs he will leave his girlfriend for you, then prepare your mind that he may not serious about your relationship, even when he tells you that he is.