5 Quick Signs He Will Not Marry You

You and your boyfriend have been together for a year, two years (or even more than 2 years) and you can leave a question: “when are you two going to get married? When are you going to have the ring on your finger?” However, while your eyes shine with happiness about the future, he stays as calm as a toad in the sun. Be alert, ladies!! You can waste time with a guy who is not serious about you. So If you are trying to figure out how a guy really feel and avoid being in the waiting game, keep an eye out for these signs he will not marry you. Read on from WikiYeah.com!

5 Must-Know Signs He Will Not Marry You

Signs he will not marry you

1. He Keeps Secrets From You

It is actually a big red flag among signs he will not marry you to consider. Maybe in a relationship, there are some secrets we keep for our own, and it doesn’t mean we are cheating our partner. However, never talking about his life or being the last person knowing what happened while you are his girlfriend are another thing. It is a big deal. Trust is the most important ingredient in love and maintaining a relationship. He doesn’t share his secrets because he doesn’t trust you enough.

If he acts like a normal friend, or worst of all, like a stranger after years of dating you, it doesn’t mean you are the right person he will want to make the commitment. [Read more: Why People Stay in Unhealthy Relationships Longer Than They Should]

2. He Has No Interest In Meeting Your Family And Avoid You Meeting His Family

If he is ready for a serious commitment, he will make an effort to be close to people who are around you, especially your parents in order to know more about his future life partner. He can’t wait to introduce you with his family because he wants you to be an important part as his family. But if your partner always finds reasons to hesitate or avoid you meeting his family time after time, you should take into consideration about that guy who just has short-time relationship with you.

3. He Ignores When You Talk About Future Plans

When you start asking him about plans , he just says that he hasn’t think about it yet or changes the subject or even finds another thing to do instead of listening you mention it. But please remember, a relationship can last long only when both of you have serious thoughts and see the future together.  A guy who is serious about the relationship with you and wants to settle down will want to see you every morning he wakes up, be right along you when raising kids, and face difficulties.

If he gives you this signal among signs he will not marry you introduced here, you are dating with a guy who doesn’t think that your relationship can lead to marriage.

4. “I Want To Be More Successful. I’m Not Ready For Marriage Yet”

A guy who just wants to love, but not married always think that he is still young to take responsibility for a family. Such things like life after getting married, kids tie him down are so complicated that he can’t deal with it. The man that is serious about you and your relationship will show how much he want to be with you rather than being frightened whenever you mention the marriage. He always thinks that career path in the young age is prioritized, he has the financial goals, he has to make a foundation for his future.

After such an intense period, it is hard for you to accept that he will not care about the future with you. However, keeping your cool head to take this sign into account because he could be iffy about marriage things and just focus on his career. [Read more: 17 Signs He Is In Love With You Truly Madly Deeply]

5. He Hates Marriage

He is allergic to the “M” word. He says: “Oh, getting married is really a nightmare”, “Thanks God, it is awesome when staying single” or “never get married”, “I don’t think marriage is necessary and I feel painful when thinking about it”. Worst of all, many guys think of marriage as the beginning of the end of relationship… when it comes to defining how he think about marriage and you receive those answers, believe him, he really doesn’t want to get married, at least anytime soon . It may not be what you want to hear, but it is the truth. Don’t put any more time into a relationship, you will be tired of spinning its wheels. [Read more: 14 Warning Signs He Will Cheat in The Future]

Marriage can be a wonderful thing, but only if both parties are equally committed. These common signs that prove a guy’s thought of commitment to you. I am not sure he is not ready for the next step for your relationship. So, instead of spending more time with this guy, you should find another man if you propose to be serious about a relationship.