Do you recognize 24 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend?

In the early stage of love, you might have believed that he is the best boyfriend in the world. However, when the days turn to months, something starts to change. Your boyfriend seems more distant, and even worse, he tend to not spend his time for you. If you experience this stage of your relationship, then it is the time for you to consider some deep insights of your love.

In fact, men take time to fall in love with women.  Obviously, men are infatuated by you from the early stage. However, once he wins you over entirely, that is when he begins to analyze just how much he might want to be with you. Sometimes, men fall out of love. So, why? Among stages of a relationship, the infatuation stage is always a blurry haze for both of the exes. Infatuation holds the two of you together. However, once infatuation loses its hold, communication as well as trust should replace the infatuation instantly, or you or your partner might just feel bored with the relationship. The question here is how to know if your boyfriend is losing interested in you? That case he begins to take on all the points of a bad boyfriend. He is rude and mean, annoying and angry. If you want to know some warning signs of a bad boyfriend, then here are some traits that you should pay attention more – take a look from!

Signs Of A Bad Boyfriend – 24 Traits To Pay More Attention 

Signs of a bad boyfriend

1. He Takes Time

When it comes to warning signs of a bad boyfriend, this is the basic one. Your boyfriend often does not answer your calls instantly even when he is not at work or busy. He always takes a lot of time to call or text you back all the time. [Read: how to seduce a man in seconds]

2. He Takes You For Granted

He often takes both you and your gestures for granted. Always expects you to be helpful and sweet all the time, and he never appreciates anything you do.

3. He Does Not Spend Time For You

He does not have time for you, always has time for friends as well as other activities. Though he is active on Facebook playing those silly games, he does not have time to text, call or meet you. Oftentimes, he makes plans with you and then cancels them. [Read: how men fall in love]

4. Your Friends And Family Hate Him

This is a big one of many signs of a bad boyfriend. If one friend dislikes your lover, whatever – that might just be her thing. However, if all of your friends and family members refuse to be around him and roll their eyes when you bring up this name, then something goes wrong. They will want you to be happy and if they thought he was the person making you happy, then they would at least make an attempt. [Read: a useful dating guide for women – The Tao Of Badass review]

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