Do you recognize 24 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend?

5. He Hates His Exes

When his last relationship finished on really bad terms and he does not care so much for his ex, then that is okay – it will happen. Yet, if he consistently says about every girl he has ever dated using bad words, what do you think he will do if the two of you break up.? It is a sign that he is not mature.

6. All He Wants Is To Make Love

Whenever the two of you meet each other, all he wants to do with you is to make love. And, he tends to feel annoyed if you hang out or talk about something else. [Read: stages of a relationship]

7. He Is Emotionally Closed Off

One of early signs of a bad boyfriend is that he is not interested in talking about his own feelings or the future. He just mentions to the presence, yet still makes some future plans for other things except for the relationship.

8. He Keeps Secrets

If your boyfriend keeps many secrets and most of them related to girls, then he might be a jerk. He might be chatting with some girls on social networks or texting or speaking with them through the phone sometimes. Even when you ask him who they are, and how he knows them, he seems to brush the conversation off or just simply avoids that topic. [Read: how to know if a guy likes you]

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