Do you recognize 24 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend?

9. He Is Manipulative And Controlling

If you boyfriend appears very concerned about everything happening around you and your personal issues, and he always tries to recommend you to changes something in your life to lead it. As a result, sometimes you feel rather suffocated and stifled in the current relationship. [Read: signs of a controlling boyfriend]

10. He Is Still In Contact With Exes

If you lover stay actively in contact with his exes, even when there is no reason to do it, and he insists that they are just good friends and seem unenthusiastic about you taking part in each time he encounters his ex, then something is wrong here. They might be not jus friends in fact. [Read: how to get a guy who has a girlfriend]

11. He Always Blows Hot And Cold

Why men blow hot and cold? Your guy seems unpredictable and moody; and sometimes he does not talk anything at all, and at other times, he jump into you to ask many questions, or get angry for no reason, he are blowing hot and cold. Depending on his feelings and moods, you have to behave responsively in fear because you just do not know how to properly behave around him. [Read: how to stop being jealous]

12. Things Are Always About Him

The conversations between you and him tend to involve to the problems around him. He is not bothered about your life and your own problems, always cuts the dialogues when mention about yourself and changes the topics to his issues.

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