Do you recognize 24 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend?

13. It Is Never His Fault

Everything wrong happening is not all your fault. Your boyfriend should never be making you feel guilty for all the fights or blaming everything on you all the time. In fact, that is not cool. If he could not take responsibility for his action, and he always finds a way to turn things around so that it is just on you, he is not worthy of your specious time. [Read: signs your boyfriend is gay]

14. He Constantly Annoys With You

When about the annoyance aspect? If he constantly says that you piss him off and that you are annoying him, then he might not be a good boyfriend. This is one of the biggest signs of bad boyfriend. You boyfriend should be loving and should not be constantly annoyed with you.

15. He Often Refuses To Compromise

In reality, there is a difference between knowing what your needs are and being selfish. A relationship is really a two-way street and if your boyfriend could not compromise, he is not worth keeping around. If all things have to be his own way all the time, it is among warning signs of a bad boyfriend. [Read: reasons why relationships fail]

16. He Is Obsessive Over His Appearance

Not only is he obsessed with things about him, but does he always obsess over his outlook? If your boyfriend combs his hair too many times each day, tan over and over again, that all has a link to a complete jerk, ladies.

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