Do you recognize 24 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend?

17. Cannot Take A Joke At His Expense

Whilst he is constantly making fun of you or making jokes at your so-so expense, he tends to have a hard time talking a joke at his expense, he might be not a good partner. It could be a sign that he is insecure and a moody jerk. [Read: turn offs for guys]

18. He Talks Down To Everyone

If your boyfriend usually uses negative words when talking about other people, and you feel smaller than you did before talking to him, it could reveals something wrong in your relationship. Your lover should make you feel happy and good

19. Check Out Other Girls In Front Of You

Ladies, if your guy is constantly checking girls around, constantly looking at other people in front of you, then that is among classic signs of a bad boyfriend. At least during the date, he should be focused on you and give most his attention to you. That is really disrespectful. [Read: Make him desire you book review]

20. He Only Hangs Out At Night

A loving, healthy relationship is not all about sex. If your guy is mysteriously just available after 11 p.m, there is something wrong. He should make time for you during the day. If he wants to see you, he will spend time for you.

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