Do you recognize 24 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend?

21. He Has A Terrible Reputation

If whenever you bring up his name to a new person, they tend to cringe and say something negative about him, something is not right. Though it is not good to judge someone based on reputation alone, if everyone but you tends to dislike your lover, there might be a solid reason. [Read: how to not lose yourself in a relationship]

22. He Is A Liar

If you caught him lying several times, even when there is no specific reason to lie, he might be not a good boyfriend. He just likes telling white lies and can’t help it, and dating him just makes you feel insecure as you could bring yourself to trust him.

23. He Is Overly Clingy And Jealous

If you boyfriend does not trust you and acts cranky every time you meet your male friends, even when there are also some other friends, then you should reconsider your relationship. [Read: how to deal with a jealous boyfriend]

24. He Regularly Talks To Another Girl Late In The Night

This might be not harmful in the first stage, yet those late night conversations between the opposite sex people almost have a way of going down the lane of two flirty friends or somehow emotional affairs. That case, you should tell him that you feel uncomfortable when he regularly talks about another girl late at night.

Above are top 24 warnings signs of a bad boyfriend which though are not easy to notice them when falling in love with a guy, you still need to keep these signs in mind as they will assist you in making the right decision.

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