10 signs of a committed relationship: are you in a committed love?

4. Before Making Any Big Decision, You Always Think About The Other Person

Among signs of committed relationship, this is rather subtle. A committed relationship means strong responsibility for a lot of things, including the well-being of each half. When you love each other truly, you will think about them before making any important decisions. For instance, when thinking about getting a new office for the business, then those people in a committed relationship will think that if that new location near their partner’s place or not. They will not think twice to see a great property near the place where their loved one is living. Some people may think that those gestures will be unnoticed, but they really are not.

5. You Boost The Social Life Of Each Other

This is the thing that differentiates a weak relationship with a committed one. In the previous articles, I emphasizes that a person should and cannot lose their own life just because of the one they love. You cannot lose yourself in your relationship, you cannot lose your friends or give everything you have to your loved one, your personal space, your personal time. Your social circles and social life is extremely important for anyone and your partner should acknowledge that. In a committed relationship, two of you will try almost everything to boost that. Each of you should be nice to friends of each other and spend enough time with other people because that is how we grow.

6. You Plan A Future Together Mutually

A committed relationship is the one in which two of you mutually plan a “together” future. There are many relationship failed because people involved have different opinions about the future. Maybe, you want to get married but your partner does not. There are many things to think about before talking about the future. Just two people in the same page can build a healthy, successful relationship. So, when you have the same mindset about the future, then it is one of signs of a committed relationship.

7. You Learn From Each Other

If you are in a committed relationship, then you are not afraid of showing your weak side or your vulnerabilities. There are things you are not afraid to say in your relationship. You learn from each other. You teach your partner something new every day and vice versa. In a certain way, you two are teaching each other and neither of you accept that you are a teacher, it is simply mutual. When you really fall in love with someone, you will let your ego go, put your guard down, and do not mind learning as you know your partner will never teach you something that is not good for you.

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