10 signs of a committed relationship: are you in a committed love?

8. You Let Your Ego Go

In a committed relationship, ego does not matter much. You still have pride, yet that is different from ego. Do not mix these two. You never think of yourself above your partner and vice versa. You see each other on the same page no matter how your background is. For instance, if you were born in a rich family while your partner was self-made and their wealth did not come from their family, then being in a committed relationship or not will impact to your behaviors towards your partner. If you are egotistical, you will treat your partner different, but if you are not, you won’t. When you truly love each other, ego does not matter, or even not exist.

9. You Feel Entirely Transparent About The Relationship

There is nothing to hide in your relationship. Complete transparency is nearly impossible in most relationship, as we are very insecure in general. However, once you two love each other enough to let the insecurities aside, and be open and transparent with each other, that is when you in a really committed relationship. There is no exception about insecurities here, regardless of big or small insecurities. If you can tell about the intimate things of yourself, similarly to when you are visiting your doctor, that means transparency.

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10. You Travel With Each Other

That sounds irrelevant when it comes to signs of a committed relationship, but there is a fact that true couples in committed relationships often travel together. It is a mutual activity. When you travel with your partner, the rules are not the same like when you travel with someone else. You can learn new things about your partner and maybe, you do not like everything that you have learnt, but once you can gain perfect harmony in your journeys, then it means your relationship will strongly last.

There, you have discovered 10 out of worth-mentioning signs of a committed relationship. Despite a true commitment is hard to find in this current world. If you two matched over 3 of the mentioned-above signs, then you should not let go your partner.

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