10 alarming emotional signs of a controlling boyfriend

5. He Often Stalks You

One of facts about men is that, for many guys, they always call or text their lover everywhere she is not around them. They want her to keep in touch with them, inform her actions throughout her day.

6. He Appears Not Uncomfortable When You Have Fun Without Him

This is easy to realize and simple among many signs of a controlling boyfriend. If you hang out with friends, he will sulk and act grumpy. Occasionally, he might even blame you for his own mood and use an excuse for his mood, like “you ignored me”, or “you did not call me”. [Read: a revolutionary relationship guide for women – Make him desire you review]

7. He Is Jealous

Jealousy is necessary in love, and it makes love more interesting and romantic. It might seem cute initially, yet over time, it could turn into an obsession, leading to insanity. [Read: stages of a relationship]

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